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Here's another example: Certainly the first shoe is nice, and well-polished. I get a similar result with all of my shoes. But how do I get to picture number 2?
My shoes are shiny, and very well-cared for. I know how to spit-shine. I spend lots of time. But I still get what I'll call a "fuzzy-focus" shine. Here's two pictures I found on the site that display what I mean: Notice, although both shoes are nicely polished, the second shoe looks "harder" and reflects light more shortly instead of with a soft-focus...
Quote: Originally Posted by drizzt3117 L298 - VAT is like 485, plus shoe trees and shipping was like what, $570? 298 is the price after VAT is deducted. I think it was around $570 delivered w/o trees.
Quote: Originally Posted by johnapril as per suggested You are a sick, sick man. May you forever wear ecco.
Quote: Originally Posted by drizzt3117 Pretty awesome looking shoes. What was the damage? 298 pounds
For the record - here's a picture or two: The burgundy shoe is an Inverness on the 888 last, also size 10F. for me, the 888 last in 10F was snug, but fit very well by the third wearing. The laces on the 888 cannot be completely closed for me, and form a slight V - perhaps a 1/4" gap at the top. In contrast, the 82 last in 10F feels about 1/2 width wider around the instep. The laces can be brought completely together, and the shoe fits without needing to stretch for a...
Quote: Originally Posted by Ambulance Chaser Who told you the shoes had arrived? If it's your wife, you may have made your first mistake. My brother. At my other office.
Quote: Originally Posted by jjl5000 Not in a UK 9.5E by any chance? I just missed these by minutes! 10F baby!! At least you can't blame me for taking yours. Oh - but I did get up at 4:00 am eastern time to place my order by phone.
Quote: Originally Posted by jjl5000 Congrats! I'm looking forward to mine arriving. What did you order? Lichfield, Burnt Pine, 82 last.
Not to gloat, but my Edward Green shoes arrived today from the January 2 sale. I won't see them until I get home later, but arrival in 9 days from the U.K. is definitely an improvement in service from EG in London.
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