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Quote: Originally Posted by luk-cha i would get these for that price!Attachment 2466 G&G is available for $800-$900?
I ask a second (and final time): You brought up a thread started 31 months ago by an infamous member banned over a year ago, to comment on the avatar of a member with 27 posts in the past year and a half, none of them within the past 3 months? And you are a commercial seller of hats? And this is somehow not spam because......? (No more comment from me in order to try not to add more spam myself)
Quote: Originally Posted by jjgold If my wife finds out I took a pic of my shoes and put em on the internet she may tease me for about a year! Been there - experienced that. My wife currently thinks she's a front.
Quote: Originally Posted by Sgt_Strider I have already ordered an AE Park Avenue in brown and it's scheduled to arrive soon. I don't want to order the same pair of shoes in a different colour. Then you should go for the 2nd best $800-$900 plain black shoe: a $300 Plain toe Balmoral Oxford from Alden with $500-$600 leftover in your pocket.
The best plain black dress shoe for $800-$900 is the Allen Edmunds Park Avenue on sale for $200 with $600-$700 left over in your pocket. The shoe is made in a variety of widths to ensure a good fit. The leather is nice, takes a shine well (a colleague has a pair that practically look patent). They're goodyear welted, will last a lifetime, will feel 98% as good as anything else available, and 99.9997% of the population will never know the difference.
Quote: Originally Posted by Bic Pentameter Thanks jmatt. The shoes in the photo were new at the time, but I think I put 5-10 layers on before I took the photo. I did it in a single setting, or perhaps over 2 days.....Three or four layers one night, then three or four the next night. I don't think that letting them sit is necessary to the overall effect, though. Once I have a lot of polish on the shoes, I have found that I can touch them up with just...
Here's my feeble attempt. Keep in mind, I wear these shoes. Most recently ,today. The pictures are from my attempt to master the mirror shine (applied to the front half of the nearer shoe). Of course, compared to the G&G offering, I may as well use these for trail hiking.
Quote: Originally Posted by kronik Ditto - ordered 2 pair, and haven't received either. Perhaps I was randomly lucky to get my order so promptly.
Quote: Originally Posted by Bic Pentameter The second pair of shoes is mine. I don't consider myself an expert on the ways of the shine, but I used Saphire neutral polish on them. I think I could probably get the same effect with Kiwi. I slather on many many coats of polish, coupled with dabs of water. Also, I don't polish too hard. Bic Excellent. Your shoes have amongst the best non-advertising photo shoot shines I've seen. Simply...
Am I the only one who actually ordered shoes from this sale? Has Edward Green fallen from favor without my knowledge? Has anyone else ordered and received their shoes yet?
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