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Quote: Originally Posted by zjpj83 I will also pass. I like EG at $500 or less. Otherwise, I'm a Lobb man in RTW. I'd love some Lobbs. What price are you able to get a pair for? (regular line &/or prestige line).
Quote: Originally Posted by edmorel So these things are running about $600 shipped? I'll pass. Actually - about $580. To each his own price point, I suppose.
Quote: Originally Posted by kronik Dear Sir Don't think much has been added in your size , but please see list attached showing what we have. ... Size 10 ½ Sale Shoes ... Size 10 ½ D ... CHELSEA CHESTNUT 202 Size 10 ½ E ... ISHAM BLACK 202 ELMSLEY DARK OAK 202 2 PAIRS DOVER BLACK 606 DAINITE RUBBER SOLE £298 HARROW CHESTNUT 61 ... Although not much is new, there are some attractive additions to the list. ...
Quote: Originally Posted by zjpj83 Interesting, I got an F width on the 888 last and also found it wider than I expected. I thought it might just be slightly wider than average. I wear a 10F on the 888. By comparison, I wear 10EEE in most Allen Edmonds lasts.
Quote: Originally Posted by Get Smart btw, did you offer it for the original bidder's first price, or the proxy price. In my book, a second chance to him should have been at the price before the deadbeat ever bid. Agreed - the 2nd chance offer should be the amount that would have been bid in the absence of the now-departed high-bidder. If you wouldn't have been willing to sell at that price, then it should have been a reserve auction, or you...
I'm posting this as a new thread so people will see it: I checked with EG today to see if there were any further discounts on sale shoes. Bad news: there isn't. Good news: They re-sent me the list of currently available shoes in my size (10) - and while many of the shoes are gone, there are now shoes on the list that were not originally on the list. A couple were reasonable shoes in dark oak (Berkeley, Elmsley, 202 last). So anyway - if you're in the market...
OK - so I checked: As of today, there are no further discounts on the EG sale shoes. EG did not advise if/when they would give additional discounts.
Quote: Originally Posted by Percy Trimmer Do they lower the sale price as the sale progresses? LOL! Lower the sale price!?! LOL Seriously - in my experience the most desireable shoes are sold in the first 4 hours. Many U.S. based fans find themselves out of luck if they wait to order until they normally wake up, as that's already too late in the day in London. I'm sure some shoes in odd sizes and less desireable color/last combinations...
Quote: Originally Posted by Leaveitothexperts 113 out of 115 people found the comment helpful . . . . wondering whether that was for the humor content . . . 113 people get the joke. 2 do not.
How could you prefer a flat brown over these? http://www.styleforum.net/attachment...7&d=1168577962
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