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Try finding ANY non-custom shirt to fit this: 17 1/4" neck, 35" waist.
Quote: Originally Posted by Soph Yea that's my concern as well but I like that one jacket, and I like racing, forumla 1 and cars in general: 1. I'm not middle aged but I'm working on getting there 2. ***I'm not out of shape, dress like shit with a baseball cap that makes me look like I put all my money in my car (I think this is the worst sterotype) A fat, out of shape guy, wearing like sweatpants, and baseball cap just looks silly getting out of a...
Quote: Originally Posted by nioh I would only wear one of those if I were into racing and got paid for it. The only Porsche item i would purchase would be a car, not any of the accessories. I have a 911, which I have even raced. The stereotype of the Porsche owner is so bad in my opinion that I never have, and never would wear a single Porsche item. It's a bad cliche.
Quote: Originally Posted by teddieriley Does anyone here that prefers the Italian aesthetic think these shoes are worth $675? What I mean by *worth* it involves not just saying well you can get Ferragamo Tramezzas (which are highly regarded for look, fit, and construction) for less on e-bay - keep in mind the styling and very limited availability of the D&G shoes. I'm not sure I've ever seen anything D&G that I would wear. To me it's the...
Quote: Originally Posted by jml90 JM makes a wholecut? I failed to find that one on-line. Which doesn't mean they don't make one, it just means "I failed to find that one on-line."
Quote: Originally Posted by Soph I'm with Huntsman on this one. This thread has 'Creatures under a bridge impressions'. Nah. The Original poster has 630 posts. I think it's just Friday night musings. Wait - is "musings" a pretentious word? For that matter, is "pretentious" a pretentious word? Oh well - perhaps I'll go read about hats....
I found this on their website:
Quote: Originally Posted by AlanC With the current war against various words at SF I think all we'll be left with is "Me like clothes." "Shoes...pretty." Do those two go with "Ummm.....Dooough-nut"
Holy old thread revival batman!!! This has to be a record? Almost 5 dormant years? (I like my Omega Constellation Chronograph. Only ever seen one other in person).
Quote: Originally Posted by zjpj83 Ok, I don't like shoes that don't have beveled waists. You can get Lobbs for about $600 ish on Ebay etc. What's my best price point outside ebay? My problem is my 10EEE foot. EG fit in U.K. size 10F. I'm hoping John Lobbs will fit me in size 10EE. Unfortunately, I never see that size from sausages.
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