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I never thought about this before, so I thought I'd write a brief story. Yesterday, I returned from a 3 day very formal business meeting. The meetings required clothes from full suits to sportcoats to sweaters to jeans depending on what time of day it was. The Airline "mishandled" my luggage. Good news is, they found it and it was delivered to me today. BUT - what if it really was lost? Here's what I had checked: Custom suit - $1500 Zanella pants -...
1) Brown is for farmer (everyone should be required to edit their answers to include this one. The rest, in no particular order: 2) Canvassed - not fused 3) Black pants are for waiter 4) Balmorals vs. Bluchers 5) There are dozens of shades of brown shoes. I need the entire spectrum. 6) OTR shirts will never fit. 6a) Jantzen 7) Pantherella 8) Sevenfold 9) Shoe trees and shoe rotation 10) It's OK for a hetero to give a #$%^ about dressing well
Quote: Originally Posted by JLibourel Glad to see someone who actually owns EGs backing up my position. I was somewhat fearful I might be banned from the Style Forum for blasphemy, laesa maiestas or something similar! Actually, my original point was that I like AE a lot, and have been wearing them for 15 years. They just don't make much in a traditional balmoral shoe. EG (just as an example) makes about 20 shoes I'd buy, all available in about...
Quote: Originally Posted by dopey http://www.askandyaboutclothes.com/f...65&postcount=5 ...and that is his first post there since December 28th. Which was one week after his most recent post here. Perhaps an Aportnoy sighting here is upcoming?
Quote: Originally Posted by lakewolf Buy another brand.... I do. EG is my two most recent shoe purchases. But I'd gladly buy from AE. They've made me some great shoes, but styling has gone more Ken Cole than I like. Look at the dress shoe choices available from JL or EG, or many of the UK brands. Maybe Americans just need to wear bicycle toe shoes to work and I'm just being stodgy.
I could also have titled this: Allen Edmonds - the casual choice Before Styleforum, my shoe of choice has been Allen Edmunds for at least 10 years. In the past year I've even bought two new pair. And now I'm out of choices with Allen Edmonds. Here's what a perusal of their website reveals: 4 shoe lines (Dress, Dress Casual, Casual, and Casual Comfort), 76 different shoes. (I'll preface my comments by noting that I prefer balmorals when wearing a coat and...
Sorry - triple post. "Submit" didn't appear to work.
Sorry - triple post. "Submit" didn't appear to work.
My GUESS is that those are reasonably close. If your foot runs on the wide side of normal, I'd guess the fit would be good. If your foot runs on the narrow side, I'd guess those will be sloppy.
Quote: Originally Posted by jjgold I am a rebel. There just seems to be something too "show and tell" or exhibitionistic (if that is a word) to take pics of my shoes and post them on the site. Although I do like to see the pics. In many instances I could agree. However, the benefit of posting shoe pictures is that many of us will never see these shoes in person, and rely on other forum members' pictures to learn about shoes we may be...
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