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LOL. Probably. Or you could just shop for jeans at Kohl's from now on.
Pictures don't do them justice. The color is a little darker than I expected. The weight is a little lighter than I'm used to. But the feel of the fabric and especially the sheen on the inside from all the silk is just remarkable. I will bbe shocked if anyone says they don't love these. Very comfortable, and once spring hits (it's cold here in the midwest right now) I think these are going to become a favorite pair. I'm going to double cuff these just to show off the...
Ahhhhh...... I'm currently wearing my brand new Gustin Grey Silk jeans that arrived in today's mail. Just wanted to throw that out there. Merry Christmas to me, from Gustin. Thanks guys.
Stop it! You're spending our money! lol
Great. I'll PM you my address so you can ship me those jeans.
And I hope you take this as intended, but........jackass!!! lol
And can you cut my pair first? 35 straight. lol
Oh c'mon!!!! Now you're exaggerating..... lol
How long did it last this time? And how many pair were offered? 131 pair lasted 28 minutes last week.
They've had:The DarkBlack2Solid Black TwillBlack3Indigo/IndigoGreyxBlackBluexBlackI think the Solid Black Twill (#50) was the blackest.
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