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Ah, shame. I was curious as to what you would do with such a garment.   Not to worry. Here's hoping we get to see some Donegal this year!   Cheers,   Tom
Hey Paul,   Is there still a tweed mac in the offing this year?   Think I read a couple of pages up you were considering putting one into production.   Thanks.
I used to really rate Uniqlo a few years back, as they did some good quality clothes at a remarkable price point. Not so much any more I think. Example: a few years back I bought a lambswool crew-neck jumper from there for £20, and it was a perfectly decent mid-weight sweater, very cheap. I was pleased with that, so a a year or so later, when moths got to it, I went and bought it's equivalent and was immediately struck by how much more lightweight the wool was (it was...
Does anybody know how Gant Rugger's Oxfords fit compared to say, Uniqlo? (I'm a Medium in Uniqlo).   The Gant website says they're a slim tapered fit (and to size up from their classic sizing). Just wondered if anyone had any experience.
Hi Paul,   I'm sure whatever wool you choose to make your Mac/Peacoat from it will be remarkable – I sincerely hope you make something more from the Donegal tweed though, especially the ash-grey and charcoal tweed – it slightly haunts me I didn't snag one of those last year. Amazing fabric.
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