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I did get the XXL. I have the toggle shawl in an XL and the fit is snug, and I think it should fit that way. To have the tunic fit the way that I wanted to, I'm glad that I got the XXL.
No pics yet, but all I can say is that I'm very happy that I sized up. It's not quite as long as I would have liked it and the neck hole is bit snug, but the sleeve length is good.
It's Linen Tunic Tuesday! Can't believe how has that MTO came in. Should receive mine tonight.
This just makes me sad.I just like to think of this instead:
Faded Lifestyle?
My understanding, based on the latest newsletter, is that it will be similar to the clearance sale held last year. Older merchandise will be steeply discounted to free up space in inventory.Also, sale will be limited to in person sales only.
Has anybody notices that member @lesamourai has some sort of graphic that appears over his post count, location, etc? I wonder why that is.
Took advantage of that Sublime restock to get a Paper hat in natural. I can attest to the Out of Stock Notification. People should use it, sometimes it makes your dreams come true.
This still isn't right as it should all balance out in the end, provided the krone fell in proportionate value to all currenciesI think the prices went up because they're now more well known and demand has gone up (see: NMWA).
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