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Next time I'm in Chicago, with the jacket, we'll have to arrange for a group photo. People will think we're in some sort of strange exclusive club.
Guys, guys, guys let's make sure to get our acronyms straight. There's BBJ and BJJ. We don't want Chuck Liddell walking into Unionmade and throwing some poor SA into a kimura.
Alright, Eidos, don't let me down. I'm in for the linen houndstooth jacket and the brown linen/silk (separates) suit.
In the words of Carlito Carribean Cool, "That's not cool!"Dude, my mind is drawing blank. Who is the SF member that is an academic, lives in UT, has a bajillion Inverallan knits, and would leave his wife to marry Margaret Howell? He makes those.
Misanthrope Three Birds Big John Buttero
No, but if you're driving, hit me up on your way back to AA.
From the Vetements x EG collab:
I have an Bedford in Homespun Wool size XL that I'm looking for offload. Purchased new from Drinkwaters from the F/W '13 collection. The color is gray. $400
The situation is not out of control!
New Posts  All Forums: