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Like who? Not doubting you, just interested to know who you're thinking of.
It really was a fantastic game (and not just because Cleveland won). There were 20 lead changes, 11 ties, and the biggest lead the entire game was 8 (I think).I get what you're saying, but Lebron god-like block and Kyrie shake-n-bake 3 pointer to win it were just magical.Great unheralded performance
http://www.styleforum.net/t/343980/john-elliott-official-affiliate-thread/0_100 [[SPOILER]]
No, he's talking about you.
Maybe I'm missing something, though I'll admit that I'm a pretty regular follower of this thread, but are there a lot of regular posters that wear a lot of JE. If so, I don't really recall seeing them in this thread.
I'm going to suggest that you lurk for a while and take note of what styles really appeal to you and then learn more about the labels (and aesthetics) behind those fits.
Yeah, are laptops even worth anything now? I mean I guess if you have newer MBP or something, but you're run of the mill Windows PC with even basic encryption is probably worth maybe $100-200 on the used market?
I did get the XXL. I have the toggle shawl in an XL and the fit is snug, and I think it should fit that way. To have the tunic fit the way that I wanted to, I'm glad that I got the XXL.
No pics yet, but all I can say is that I'm very happy that I sized up. It's not quite as long as I would have liked it and the neck hole is bit snug, but the sleeve length is good.
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