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Your best best for XXL anywhere is Bureau Belfast. Sometimes NNY will have it, but I swear there is like four total XXL pieces in the entire world that are made each season.
I'm kinda surprised that you've never considered Chicago. Yeah, you don't have quite the reader traffic that NYC or LON does, but you an get (reasonably short) direct flight from anywhere and it'd probably be half to two thirds the cost of NYC?Oh, and they have Italian Beef sandwiches. [[SPOILER]]
When we were talking about Toto opening a store in NYC about a year ago, I think it was @LA Guy who mentioned that a large portion of their sales came from online. If true, I never understood the reasoning for opening at store in NYC. In Seattle, yeah, they have to compete with Barneys. But Barneys has a like a small corner (of what is not a very big store to begin with) the carries what makes up the entirety of what Toto carries. Also, Google taught me that Jill...
Jeff Winger wears MMM:
"Sales of cargo shorts have fallen over the past year for the first time in a decade..." http://www.wsj.com/articles/nice-cargo-shorts-youre-sleeping-on-the-sofa-1470082856
You want to consider visiting the WAYWN BisCas Thread.
Pro-tip for wearers of the Sublime paper hats: Periodically roll 'em up and put them in the cardboard tube in which they were shipped, it 're-weirds' the brim. Also, keep the cardboard tube as makes an excellent carrying case for when you want to pack the hat in your bag for a trip.
Am I crazy or are the Nike Zoom Lebron's a pretty awesome looking shoe: I could definitely see somebody like @Rais wearing them.
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