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I don't understand what you mean by this comment.Are you saying the phenomenon where people buy smart phones and pay for small pieces of software to install on said phones is a fad? And that the entire future of the U.S. based technology industry is tied to this fad?
EG - pants & coat
Okay, I'll play:In general, I'd say that your outfit isn't really very SW&D. It looks more like casual Friday at the office. I'm guessing that the majority of the "hate" your fit is generating is related to the fact that you look like a collaboration between Nordstrom and GQ. If that's what you're going for, that's fine. I would just say, however, that we tend not to like that look in this thread.It's really hard to see much detail in the photo you've provided. Many...
The latter is almost assuredly true.What killed Detroit is that in the end the cars could be built by anybody, but this is already true in the tech industry. Apple designs stuff in Cupertino and then sends the specs off to China for production.I wouldn't worry about technology shifting either. Keep in mind that Silicon Valley has reinvented itself several times over the past 40 years. Probably what they succeed at best is creating new technology and then adapting that...
Come be a bureaucrat in the Midwest. For that kind of money I can get you a mansion on the shores of Lake Erie.Current mattress is pillow top. Makes for a good night's sleep, other activities have been somewhat compromised.
You'll probably spend a third of your life on a mattress. I've always found it well worth it to spring (no pun intended) for a high quality mattress.
Given how broad your aim is, I'd recommend Barneys. They have everything from Rick Owens to Brioni suits with pretty much everything in between. They have locations in a number of major US cities so it wouldn't be too hard to plan a trip to a city that has a Barneys location.Otherwise, as you plan your trips to various American cities just put a post in this thread a week or two ahead of time and we'll tell you were to go.Last winter my wife basically demanded that we...
Shop for what? Workwear? Urban tech ninja? Brand whorehouse?
I have a pair of E-1 pants in 14W khaki cords size XL that I'd like to trade for a vest. Looking for wool. Size XL. Could be herringbone, flannel, or worsted.
I had originally only wanted to wear stuff from brands that had Bigg in their name. Unfortunately, this led to me wearing a lot of stuff that had traditionally been marketed to middle-aged African American men. It led to some very unfortunate WAYWT posts.
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