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Which ones? Is it like 21oz. denim?
Good point. Now they have the guy who decided that hiring Flip Saunders to coach the team making decisions. That'll work out well. I love that fact that Flip is so full of hubris that he thought to himself, "We need a coach who can lead this team to the postseason and that will convince Kevin to stay long term, and that coach is...me".
Kahn didn't even draft love. He traded O.J. Mayo to MEM for Love. It's like the only trade that's ever worked out for him.In fact, if I were Cleveland, I just say to Kahn "Make us an offer you think is fair". It would inevitably work out for Cleveland.
While true, that didn't happen until Presti drafted Ibaka, Westbrook, and Harden. That's four of the best 25 players in the league drafted by one team over the course of three consecutive seasons.Look at the stiffs that Kahn has surrounded Love with over the years. Rubio, Flynn, Derrick Williams, and Wesley Johnson. Traded or let go through FA (I can't remember) Al Jefferson. Traded away Ty Lawson and Trey Burke (for Shabazz Mohammad). Traded away Brandon Roy. If the...
Pau Gasol comes pretty close. Got swept in the first round twice his whole career and then in his first full season with the Lake Show they win it all.
For my submission I've chosen to post items that are either not available in my size or that I love, but I know wouldn't look good on me because of the...
No, that was just a one time thing to play off of a column that Shoemaker had written for Grantland earlier in the week.I really want to read the Vince Russo article about VKM. Supposedly it's not a hatchet job, but it just honestly details some of VKM's weird idiosyncrasies.
And she was pretty hot to begin with.Anybody listen to the Cheap Heat podcast?
That podcast was terrible. Please understand that I'm not commenting on Boogie's ability as a basketball player or his character, but he was awful in that interview. He offered little insight into anything and often spoke in broad platitudes as if he were talking to a reporter after a game.Simmons did a few mini-podcasts with players at the all-star break, and the Hibbert one was really great. On the other hand, KD was atrocious.
Uh, yes, do you have anything that looks like Las Vegas designed a multi-colored lizard?
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