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Two hours, that is, if the railworkers haven't blocked the tracks with tires and set them ablaze.
Daughter: Daddy, what are you doing? Me: Looking at clothes on the computer. Daughter: Oh, just like at the store! Me: Yes, honey, just like at the store.
You wouldn't happen to have the shop coat in XL, would you?
Help him, @g transistor. You're his only hope.
I think what has some people up in arms is that @JBKuznia essentially entered a bar full of regulars, walked up to the television, and changed the program from the Indians game to an episode of "Queer Eye for the Straight Guy". Now he's trying to tell everybody that they're going to like watching this program, but it's an argument that falls on deaf ears.What's unfortunate is that the whole situation could have been avoided if he'd just walked into the bar across the...
How's this for a deal:
@conceptual 4est hook up with @ken p and have him get your gf's family drunk on some funky ass beer.
Somwhere a single tear is falling down @Ivwri's face
New Posts  All Forums: