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The problem with Context is that they stopped carrying XL.
When can we expect the Frank Leder drop? Oliver Spencer?
Can anybody comment on when the design differences are between a long-shirt and, say, a hip length kurta?
Sorry, but I've got my heart set on green
Looking for a summer weight (but not necessarily rip-stop) Bedford in green. Size XL.
@Bam!ChairDance, isn't that your queue to tell everybody what the ending was?
I realize that this would be a lot of work, but it would certainly help yourself (and probably me) if you put together a detailed, photo-laden post of all the things that you would consider selling/trading.
Well in that case I guess you could still do one more button on the shirt and use v-neck undershirts.Ebay. Brown is always a good place to start.
Better. I'd do one more button on your shirt. Lose the undershirt. And you should do something about the cuff boot interface. Either the cuff should come over the boot entirely, or the cuff should rest right above the top of the boot. Right now the cuff in the front is getting caught on the tongue of the boot and lifts up.
New Posts  All Forums: