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ain't broke...
Can you blame him?
I own one pair of Butter boots and one pair of sneakers. The leather laces in both pairs broke relatively soon after purchase. Agree with Patick on going the outsourcing route. Laces are stronger and can be cut to size.
Do you read that thread? Not even close. To fix the site would probably require tens if not hundreds of thousands of dollars (between dev costs and site downtime) compared to a handful of sales they've probably missed because somebody was so frustrated with the site that they didn't purchase an item.
If you need to make a size 3XL to accommodate regular sized people, maybe you need to rethink your sizing system.
I recently ordered a pair in XL. I am normally a 36 waist and I would say that they fit large in the waist. I have the cinch cranked to the max and they still fit loose.
Had the same experience.
It kind of looks like you're floating.
Fair enough.As for the suggestion box, buy more things that will make me look like a character in a Wes Anderson movie.
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