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7 Days and counting until the feasting begins.
Oops! Double Post.
Ah, yes! I've got my eye on a similar model in gray.
I'm too intimidated to query such a blessed wonderful internet personality such as yourself.
Well played!
Is he layering his sweater with another sweater?@in stitchesWhat sweater is that?
@RegisDB9 So what're your thoughts on the big announcement?
It was good only for Thanksgiving weekend. You're probably out of luck until post X-mas clearance.
Apparently there are some pretty sweet currency arbitrage opportunities if you buy from Yoox and pay in Russian currency.
I'm near certain that this is in violation of eBay's TOS and that it wouldn't mean squat. The seller would certainly be able to refund the buyer's money and not ship the item, but eBay and PayPal would probably team up to make it hard for that seller to do business under that account or any other account created with the same e-mail address, mailing address, etc.
New Posts  All Forums: