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The shirt looks a little tight, IMO. Brad's right about the jeans.Fok put up a special one off post on sneakers for people who are usually boot people. Might be worth a look for some basic sneaker options.Potentially check these out: http://www.kentwang.com/shoes?cat=74
As somebody who works alongside I-bankers everyday (granted they're Midwest I-Bankers) I can tell you that this unequivocally false. It's mostly just a sad mass of Canali suits with Ferragamo ties and shoes.and probably not even then. It's more like outtakes from the Tommy Bahama collection.
That would be really really awesome!
I found this to be amusing.I'm really hoping that KD signs with another team next summer and puts the final nail in the coffin of OKC.
Stack Overflowhttp://stackoverflow.com/
If you're purchasing EG from a retailer that is located outside of the United States and having it sent to America, there won't be any duties or customs. All (from what I can tell) EG is manufactured in the United States. You don't have to pay duties on American-made goods that are brought into the country.If you purchase from a retailer located outside of the United States, just send them a note that you would like them to indicate on the box that the goods were made in...
Any update on those additional Farnese belts that are supposed to come?
The boiled wool fabric is awesome, and I'm going to ponder the SnowSmock. What would be an instakop, however, would be SnowPants in boiled wool. Any chance of that happening?
Because if you live in a city where they have a fitter there is somebody you can go to if the finished product doesn't fit correctly. As somebody who has had two terrible experiences with Modern Tailor, I'll never buy MTM again unless it's from a store I can get into my car and drive to.
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