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He should've been making you sad for the last four years. I'm not a Kobe hater by any means, but between his impact on the team's salary cap, the constant injuries, and his Fletcher-inspired mentoring he's been taking things off the table for quite a while now.Please summon @i2onnel.Please summon @i2onnel.Please summon @i2onnel.
I agree with DeSense. I have the same sizing as the OP and 44 in boots works very well for me. I actually went with 45 in the Tanino sneakers and while they are a bit loose, they are totally fine. I don't have any issues with them slipping off or anything like that.If I were to wear them with no-shows I just tug the laces tighter than if I were wearing thicker socks, and I've never had any problems in my 2+ years of owner ship (except for the shitty laces, I've had to...
It's pretty hard to find, but Bureau Belfast tends to carry a few pieces in that size. Jack Straw has had them in the past. NNY will also carry them, but it's very inconsistent.
It's an XL. My other Bedfords are XXL, but I just love the fabric on this one too much to let it go.
I really want to meet somebody who felt like they HAD to be at Old Navy yesterday at 4 p.m.
Been playing around with some different stuff lately:
How would you like to be the guy whose job it is to take a perfectly normal sweater and use some sort of implement to fuck it up? And to have to do it in a nearly identical way over and over the repeated garments.Neither are in midtown, but both Blue in Green and Self Edge would be wonderful places to go.
Do you are someone you know own pieces Engineered Garments from previous seasons in size XXL? Are you looking to relieve yourself of said items for reasonable compensation? Then wait no more, and act immediately. Contact Biggskip today via PM and get cold hard cash for your unworn items.
Go to the StyleForum trunk show! If you can't find something that strikes your fancy there, well then I don't know, man.
New Posts  All Forums: