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That's very different from my own experience. I naturally have pretty big legs (anything with a thigh less than 13" is a non-starter for me) and my Big Johns don't get caught on my thighs or calves.
Big John Slip Tapered are pretty much what you're describing.http://www.nomanwalksalone.com/index.php/slim-tapered-jeans-14-oz-raw-denim-913.html
A little too alpha-bro for me, but to each his own.The reason I made the post in this thread is that; he is a designer, he looks like he's wearing the clothes that he designed, and the pretty women in his post are also wearing the clothes that he designed.Also, he looks great in his clothes, much better than I imagine most people would look in his clothes.
Nigel Cabourn is my favorite follow on IG. In every photo in which he appears he looks like he's having the time of his life (the majority of which, is seems anyway, is spent with very attractive women).
I think those cuffs have taken on a life of their own.Cool texture on the pants. Would prefer a less formal shoe with the rest of that fit.
Just took a look at Standard & Strange. I will now refer to them as Self Edge Eastbay.Looks kind of cool, but I'm way to practically minded to pay that much for children's clothing.
I feel like you could make a very similar argument about the Republican party.
Yeah, I don't mind a little bit of heat, but I am by no means one who seeks out extra spicy food.The Whole Foods near me serves a Nashville chicken, which is about as hot as I would want to get it. Very tasty by the way.One day, Willy, you will need to make the pilgrimage to Northeast Ohio. Between V's gourmet and Barberton style chicken, I think you'd die a happy man.
@willy cheesesteak Curious to get your thoughts: https://theringer.com/the-burning-desire-for-hot-chicken-bf87446b4dda
Frankly, I'd be thrilled if they carried suiting and sweaters. J Crew around here is usually just chinos and BDs.To be clear, I still wouldn't buy it (not that there's anything wrong with that), but at least it would make a trip to the mall slightly less depressing.
New Posts  All Forums: