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I don't suppose you will be getting any size XXL?
If it's a white shirt, you could try blueing.
Yup, he's either at Rush or UIC.
Really want to see you in some of your EG. What size on the Chapter pants? Tried some on this summer and found them to be too restrictive in the waist and thigh.
I am indeed talking about the homespun.
I received my olive Bedford earlier this week and i was really surprised by the collor. I would characterize the color as more of a dark brown rather than an olive. There are hints of olive green in the color way, but it's really more of a brown. As for the sizing issues, I've read before that the sizing can fluctuate from year to year as Daiki designs the patterns according to his body and his weight tends to fluctuate a bit from year to year. I have a Bedford from FW...
While I wouldn't encourage abusing the policy, they essentially do have a free try-on policy with free to-and-from shipping.Also, look at wings + horns
Lord help me if they do. Just ordered the Olive Homespun Bedford jacket.
The Needles stuff is made in America, right? If so, and if you ship it to America, you don't have to pay duties. https://help.cbp.gov/app/answers/detail/a_id/375/~/duty-on-u.s.-made-goods-returning-to-the-u.s.
New Posts  All Forums: