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There is a high statistical correlation between covering your face and thumbs.
Sized down 1. Worked for me on both pairs.There's a guy who works on my floor, whom I'm pretty sure has a PhD of some sort to whom we refer to as 'contractually obligated to wear clothes guy'. He's very nice guy and always has a big smile on his face, but he's always just a mess. In some ways I'm envious.
EGx2 R&B Buttero
Are we talking $1,000? $3,000? $5,000?
I'd say that if you're pretty skinny and not too tall, BBBF is great option. If you're taller or bigger, it's hard to beat regular Brooks Bros.
Took a little longer than I would've liked to get a shot in the Mackinaw Corduroy Parka (and still not a great shot), but I'm very happy with this peice. EGx2 SS R&B
The latter runs really big. Like I'm on the border of XL/XXL and my XL is very roomy, but in a very nice way. One of my favorite pieces.
Apparently, I fell asleep in front of the mirror. EGx2 SS R&B
Whoa, just checked out the Old Town website. I really like what they have going on there. I noticed that the jackets are not available Long sizes. You're sorta tall, right? I assume you've no issues with the length of the jacket?
Yeah, that was no fun. I stopped watching after the 3rd quarter. Everytime it looked like Cincy was building momentum some freak play or penalty (or lack thereof) came along and killed them.Didn't help that your pro bowl caliber starting QB watched the game from the sidelines.
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