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Took advantage of that Sublime restock to get a Paper hat in natural. I can attest to the Out of Stock Notification. People should use it, sometimes it makes your dreams come true.
This still isn't right as it should all balance out in the end, provided the krone fell in proportionate value to all currenciesI think the prices went up because they're now more well known and demand has gone up (see: NMWA).
11 minutes. That the maximum the Sublime paper hast in size two was back in stock for. To whomever snagged it, may you wear it in good health.
In that case, I'll continue to wait for size VII.
I wish I had sycophants (everybody can use a good yes-man).
msg spittin' hot fire today
I've had visions of @the shah & kunk dancing in my head. Faded Lifetyle EG Buttero
So, yeah, when I can I give you money for that?
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