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It's not just recommending somebody. It's finding them, evaluating them, and then convincing them to interview for the position (by far the hardest part).As to your point, yes, it's pretty difficult to find effective leadership in pretty much all walks of life.
@mike868y Looked at that scarf and thought that was AFL for a moment.
Most HR people are idiots, and most don't even come close to what cyd is talking about. Most HR people scan hundreds of resumes per day looking for entry level candidates and perform phone screenings to make sure the person on paper isn't a total idiot.While what Cyd said, is true, he is talking about a very small niche of the market. My experience is in banking, but in my industry the postion has to be SVP or higher before this type of consideration would be paid. You...
Hmm. Really liked it the first time I watched it. Wonder what would happened if I watched it again.Def agree with the first part. Do not agree at all with the second part. In my eyes, he'll never top Royal Tenenbaums.
Good to knowPeal is just a brand name that BB owns but hasn't existed as a maker for many years. I forget how it works, but you look at the writing on the side of your shoe and there are certain clue that tell you whether it's AS or C&J.
I don't think AE makes shoes for BB? Their made in England so they're either C&J or AS.
@StanleyVanBuren Recently picked up the suede chukkas from BB and cannot recommend them enough. The dainite sole is very comfortable and provides protection from the occasional need to step in a puddle. It's got the height of a boot, but it's not too bulky so it pretty much goes with everything. Just something to keep in mind.
Normally I would think that such a post is pretty creepy, but since it came from you, Zissou, it's okay.Own two piece from Folk including one S.N.S. like cardigan. I've worn the cardigan for three consecutive winters with nary an issue. Might want to PM Teger, I know he owns a few pieces.
Eh, probably should have held my feet closer together.
Well I think that the people who really hype this movie fall into three categories.First, are those with children who want to go to the movies and see something that appeals to an audience in more than one age group. Frozen does okay with this, though it's no Toy Story.Second, are those who just really like musicals. My wife falls into this category.Third, are those trapped in a state of arrested development and yearn to connect with media designed for younger audiences,...
New Posts  All Forums: