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I'm 6'4" as well and I have two Bedfords and an Andover in XXL and the sleves on all three of them are long enough. I wear a 37" sleve on my dress shirts. I am broad enough, however, to warrant wearing size XXL, something I know many others who wear EG are not.
There is a high statistical correlation between covering your face and thumbs.
Sized down 1. Worked for me on both pairs.There's a guy who works on my floor, whom I'm pretty sure has a PhD of some sort to whom we refer to as 'contractually obligated to wear clothes guy'. He's very nice guy and always has a big smile on his face, but he's always just a mess. In some ways I'm envious.
EGx2 R&B Buttero
Are we talking $1,000? $3,000? $5,000?
I'd say that if you're pretty skinny and not too tall, BBBF is great option. If you're taller or bigger, it's hard to beat regular Brooks Bros.
Took a little longer than I would've liked to get a shot in the Mackinaw Corduroy Parka (and still not a great shot), but I'm very happy with this peice. EGx2 SS R&B
The latter runs really big. Like I'm on the border of XL/XXL and my XL is very roomy, but in a very nice way. One of my favorite pieces.
Apparently, I fell asleep in front of the mirror. EGx2 SS R&B
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