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Believe me, you can wear workwear and still get caught up in all of that.
Schneid-dog GBV w+h
Congrats, @teger!
Needs boots, IMO.Usually a huge fan, but not diggin' the pants jacket combo with this one. The pants look almost like they might be brown.
That last fit @Knight is fantastic!
Is that the Niche chore coat thing again? It's definitely growing on me.
@in stitches The drape on your slacks is just unreal, in a good way. @spacepope I really like this fit compared to some of your others where you incorporate layers upon layers. I realize that we dress appropriately for the different seasons but sometimes I feel like there is "too much" in some of your fits. Then again, I am a boring earthling, and unaccustomed to the customs and ways of the space travelers, so what do I know.
@Drinkwaters @CSCoHammers7 Do you guys have that linen shop coat in XL in the "natural" color?
Nepenthese is pretty close by.
Overall, I think it's okay, but I could do w/o the cuffs.
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