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Isn't the actual measurement of the inseam of a 32 more like.....30?
Because ES isnt really true to size, they're one size larger than the label.
Black/Dark grey classic denim, bootcut (but actually straight leg). Never worn, the waist is too big for me, measures 17.5" when laid flat. Asking for $60. PM me if you're interested.
Quote: Originally Posted by kilokore 5'11" 150lb 20" damn i'm petite Fairly normal, actually.
Any one know any sales for Rag & Bone jeans?
Any one know any sales for Rag & Bone jeans?
I get goosebumps from seeing all the lace holes.
Quote: Originally Posted by j Those brown Fryes are the nicest ones I've seen besides a couple from Belstaff, which are impossible to find. There's also Chippewa, Red Wing, Carolina, Wesco, Georgia, among others. Try some on before buying them, since they fit weirdly and you may find that you don't really like them. I'd like to get those Fryes but unless they fit just right I'm not going to consider it. I don't like how loose they are especially at the...
I'm looking into engineer boots, what are some good brands? Besides Frye.
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