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I dig these. Any idea what they are and where I can get them?
anyone nice enough to hook a brother up with some Uniqlo stuff?
Quote: Originally Posted by drizzt3117 135 with the coupon, but what model are those? 135 shipped is a smokin deal, they have them in stock in 32 and 34 apparently. They don't make 33s, right?
The rag&bone jeans for 149 is a damn good deal. But I have no money.
Second APC for yourself and Uniqlos for the son.
You're buying jeans for yourself? Or your son?
At times I really wonder if is just a huge, elaborate joke. But what's sad is there are actually plenty of guys out there who listens to these 'advices'.
Quote: Originally Posted by sonick Jack Purcell? I second that motion. Try some Purcells?
I'd say.........Alpha? The parka that the Canadian Army wears.
Is this the beginning of the end of another great denim line?
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