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Quote: Originally Posted by aspriel seen: It's not supportive by any means. It's something like "Are you a model? No, you're just a jackass who got dressed up to come to class." Oh I see. Sometimes business students need to dress up, because they just came from a meeting, or interview, etc. But yea, the people who dress up to go to class just because they FEEL like it, IMO, have some problems. Fortunately for that kid, I think it was just a...
Quote: Originally Posted by Stazy Why is it so weird that you're 5'10? That's the combined average of your parents' height so it doesn't seem that odd to me. Just to give you hope though, I have a Russian cousin who grew 6 inches after turning 18. I'm 5'10 and 153 lbs. I got sick last winter and was down to 145 - I was a freakin' skinny bastard untill about 1 month ago Well, there are plenty of guys who are a few inches taller than...
250+?? I remembered him being skinny, and wore suits that were too baggy. Quote: Originally Posted by aspriel P.S. There's a Facebook group about people wearing suits to class... Facebook is for university students, though. In a business program, it's pretty normal to see people in suits. This kid was wearing suits to school as a junior in highschool.
Well polos and khakis is only a small step up from tees and jeans, it's no big deal. I mean it's not like one day you just decide to go to school in suits. Speaking of which, there was a kid in SF a few months ago who liked to wear suits to school. That was weird.
Polo + khakis don't look award at all
Beware, I don't think they're leather.
My dad's 6' and mom 5'8, it's weird how I'm only 5'10 at 19 years old. But my dad grew an inch or two at age 22, so I've got my fingers crossed for a spurt. For the guys who grew after 18, did you do anything special? In terms of diet, exercises, and sleep? And how much did you grow? Was it constant, or a spurt? I appreciate any advice that might help me get an inch or two, so I don't have to keep hemming pants and jeans. Thanks! Here's a cheap place to get Purcells. First pair of shoes gets 10% off, I live in Canada and I still got mine for only $40 shipped. You can get them in any color you want, as long as it's black.
You should probably ask the boys at PoorMan'sWatchForum or TimeZone.
All hail PG2G
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