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Quote: Originally Posted by sonick Damn, $110 is overpriced. I found this one from a member who had experience with them: for $60 USD, but they don't have my size (8.5 in Chucks, from what I read they fit almost the same as that? Or a tad small, so mabye 9). I was the guy. I don't think there's anywhere in Canada that sells Purcells. The shipping was pretty cheap from this place. Got...
Quote: Originally Posted by mendel Zappos doesn't ship outside the US. (And the US online shoe stores that do ship to Canada charge UPS or Fedex rates for shipping -- usually $35/pair or so -- and don't usually accept returns at all.) Yea. I think $35 for shipping on a pair of shoes is too much. I wanted to find stores I can buy them in.
Does anyone know where I can get Jack Purcells in Toronto, Canada?
Quote: Originally Posted by Arethusa Try the Charles Tyrwhitt chelseas. Not the absolute best, but better by far than anything you'll find at its pricepoint. They're one of the few boots you can wear with skinny jeans because of how slender the upper vamp and ankle area is. They happen to be on sale for half price too? At $147, I'm wondering if I should get one.
Quote: Originally Posted by xcoldricex it's a skull Would give a left nut in exchange for that.
Quote: Originally Posted by jean_connoisseur23 i saw ones from earnest sewn in the GQ site..says its in for fall Where? Edit: Sorry, I see it now. Besides ES and Acne, what other grey jeans are there?
Definitely, concured.
[quote=Roland]I found out about the Cockpit after Time Out NY pushed it in their latest issue. Its a division of Avirex with more of a military history theme, kind of like Buzz Rickson. [quote] I love it.
Quote: Originally Posted by weirdnjfan1 I really wish that they had the raw selvage here in the states, but I guess that only time will tell if they bring it over here. Well at least there's still some hope.
Quote: Originally Posted by sybaritical They sold their entire london stock off for £9 a pair last year and then it disappeared without trace from all their stores. SHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIT!
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