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Hook a brother up!
Quote: Originally Posted by manifest v Anyone have any more cool winter coat suggestions? Los Angeles is gettin' frickin' cold for some reason! Good to hear. Toronto hasn't snowed yet. I was afraid this global warming thing is getting to us faster than we thought.
I want buy. Somebody please hook me up?
Yep, we asians always smell like moth balls cuz we always moth proofing our shit.
How much are the APC NS?
Quote: Originally Posted by itskub That's a pair of typical disgusting shoes. Go for a pair of chelsea boots.
Does the jeans go on sale at all?
Sorry to hijack the thread. Does LA Guy and/or the other streetwear admins plan to put together a top 10 Jeans list anytime soon?
Doesnt really shrink. Maybe about .5 - .75 inch. Max
I like the style in the original Infernal Affairs much better. Especial the character equivalent to Matt Damon's.
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