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Quote: Originally Posted by poly800rock denimbar or ebay. $150 isn't that huge of a discount, i'd either go denimbar or ebay, ebay you can find em for like under $100 usually What do you search for? I cant seem to hit the right keywords for the good deals.
God bless you all!!! Booyashaka
Heck, wouldnt be too bad if $20 goes for s&h for two+ polos.
Quote: Originally Posted by chronoaug I'd order one from someone if they could pick it up for me. Anyone have pit to pit and length measurements for a S and a M? I wouldn't mind picking one up since it was 85 degrees today. Would definitely appreciate it if someone can hook me up too.
New line by Marc Jacobs. How are the polos? How are the quality and cut for the price (about US$25)? More importantly, where can I get some?
Jesus. That doesnt deserve a total verbal assault.
Quote: Originally Posted by LA Guy You probably could find a better deal out there. They were at Louis for about $90 this last week. Check Factory People. One thing you should know is that ActiveEndeavors screwed this forum for a good six months, making tons of sales and not paying the agreed upon fees, so Active is definitely on the list of stores that are not friends of the forum. Just FWIW. $90?! C'mon guys, someone tell me next time.
How do rb15's fit?
they dont freakin ship to Toronto. Anyone nice enough to pick up me a few things? Thanks in advance.
Just a little piece of plastic you put under the shoe on the tip. I don't see why you would need it other than for leather soled shoes.
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