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How do I acquire this answer?
Persols are great. But I'm too cheap to get a real one. Where can I find a knock off?
You're not Italian.
No brown shoes with black pants.
Quote: Originally Posted by chronoaug Are they 100% cotton or 50/50? I'd be interested in them if they were 100% cotton. Maybe have someone do a pick up or see if i end up going to boston/ny this summer. Could use some too, please hook up.
How are Uniqlo polos?
what the heck is the difference between regular straight fit and classic regular straight fit?
Quote: Originally Posted by avatar I have a pair of brown Mark Nasons that are zip-up. They're 13s. I wear 13/14 in sneakers for the most part. Just bought some 14 flip-flops that look absolutely massive next to friends' stuff. I do kind of like the Frye Harness. I like Harness boots too. I'll get shit for this, but I also like these: If your name isn't Dante, if your father isn't the Devil himself, or if you don't hunt zombies at...
The jeans look fine. Too tight? Is your highschool a special-ed school? I want to try to avoid using the word retarded to describe those kids. Damn, I just used it.
Wondering if anyone is willing to pick up one for me.
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