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Not against kiya's suggestion or anything. +1 on Straight Sven and APC NS Wow, are you serious? I just threw up a little.
I too suffer similar problems. Other than the obvious running and stairs climbing, what other exercises is a good way to target your glutes?
I emailed them and they recommend having lenses made and fit by your local glasses store.
This is not a very bright they make the lenses? Or is this just a frame?
All you need to do is ask. Don't give me attitude, I'm not your kid.
Who still rents movies?
Can anyone identify which sunglasses Brad Pitt is wearing in the scene titled the war scene if you have the dvd. Its the scene where he goes back to his house and makes his neighbor go in first . I havent been able to find any pics on the web . These are the black ones, not the yellow ones.
649 is great. How about something more specific? Any one seen any replicas on the 2720s? that should be an easy one, right?
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