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Great day today.  So much fodder and a couple I really love.  Seemed like most of the stores were hiding the good stuff since Labor Day.  Found a bunch for myself which never seems to happen.  Even found a pair of unused Quoddy shoes that someone seems to have left in the closet.  Has that white film built up on the leather but have never been worn.  Just needs a clean up and condition and should be good to go.   Zanella dress shirt - wild pattern  L   Pringle...
Wow, thank you all for the helpful hints.  Would be great to dress everyone in Drake's, but its probably too expensive and my groomsman wouldn't understand nor care about the quality.  I would rock one myself.  I sent a PM about the RLPL bow ties.  May work out, still have to run it by the fiance.  I thought about Tie Bar as well, I have a couple and they seem good.  Might end up being the best idea.   Stopped at a favorite on the way home from work.  Had to pass on a...
I'm getting married next year and trying to piece together the outfits. I'm resigned to renting or buying cheap suits. One of things I think I can do cheaply is arrange for some nice ties for the guys. How difficult is it to come across 5 of the same exact ties via ebay? I'm prefer not to buy any of the crummy Chinese ties up there. Like, anyone try to grab OK brand ties like Brooks Brothers, Land's End, etc all the exact same? I'm assuming solid color would be easiest.
lol I put a stained tie up last week. Apparently it was rare enough to end up on PTO. Sold for over $30 with a good number of bids. I guess people REALLY wanted it. I was expecting like $10. Just wanted it out of my closet. Anyone else see something like that happen? Question 1. I have a number of Canali sport coats all from same donor, so same exact size. Someone cut off the size tags on one of them. Do any of you mention something to the effect of "came from...
Fake Stefano Ricci?  Haven't found a tag like it on ebay yet.
Anyone heard of or know the quality of Harkin ties?  Found a tie for a local men's wear store and looked up the RN.  Tagged "Hand Printed in Italy and Made in USA"  Seems decent. 
Been a good weekend so far.  Can't believe the crowds at some of the stores.  Managed to find a Thomas Pink shirt, some Pendleton shirts and a bunch of ties to sell.   For the gurus.  Found these two.  Both say either made in England or painted in England.  Would these both qualify as ancient madder?  I'm still not sure how to identify them unless its specifically noted on the tags.
Not a bad start to the weekend. Pendleton black watch shirt.  17.5 long and Vintage made in England chesterfield coat.  Really heavy and made with Moon lambswool 39l Uk   Recent EZ selvege label
Some more fun pick ups today.   In addition, found 4 Peter Millar dress shirts in mint condition in my size and grabbed four Canali sport coats all in perfect shape.  The Canalis are 44 R.  No time for pics. Paul & Shark  Medium Amazing Pal Zileri concept: peak lapelsm suede lined pockets, feels like velvet  44R   J Press 3 button navy staple 44R recent, marked 2012
A couple things of note: Wings + Horns, base T. Size L but fits me so I keep. Being as I bought it for $2 makes it sweeter:   Rooster madras: Orvis - made in USA - 44R  Zegna flower power:
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