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Cannot figure this Patagonia sweater out.  Is it men's or women's?   I've never come across this label and I've been searching for a while now with no luck.  Tried the style number and no luck either.  
Anyone know where @PLaydice has been?    Found this old shirt....seemed like a decent grab.  Didn't see this label on his tshirt post.   [[SPOILER]]   Almost never see Alden here.  Oil finished.  Too bad I'm a wide or I'd keep.  they are just too tight.  Just a small bit of damage on the right toe - avail 8D  [[SPOILER]]
Yup, just got back from one near me.  3 pair Bills Khakis, 2 Jack Victor sport coats, pair of Incotex, staple Hickey Freeman navy blazer.  left a RLPL sweater that isn't marked down yet.   Going to check out another store in town.
In a bit of a listing pickle.  Found 2 Gustin OCBDs tagged XL.  However, the P2P on both is 22 and strangely the arm length is 27 from shoulder seam.  Looking over Gustin fit chart, the shirts are more in line with their Medium.  I'm guessing the shirt shrunk or Gustin has some wacky sizing.   Anyone else come across this?  Would I list at XL but fits M?
Hi gang.  Some fun stuff this weekend. Shirts.  Gustin oxfords, BB linen, RLPL, Willis & Geiger  [[SPOILER]]   Pants: Tres Vineyard Vines, BB Milano fit chinos  [[SPOILER]]   Awesome vintage H Freeman & Sons pink/salmon silk.  40S  [[SPOILER]]    Pendleton blackwatch sport coat 42L  [[SPOILER]]   I grabbed a bunch of shirts and pants from the recent Bills markdowns.  These were way too trim for me.  M4 model trim fit 34 unhemmed avail  [[SPOILER]]
Yea.  Stumbled on that last year.  One by me only had A and B width so I didn't grab.  Found some of the less popular models but did see a few Fifth and Park Aves.
Thanks Linda!  Sad for me, its too long.  Staple gray J. Press Pressidential by Martin Greenfield.  Seems to be closer to 40r than tagged, havent measured p2p yet  [[SPOILER]]  Beer talk.  Part of my Christmas haul for self lol.   A bunch of farmhouse/sours from Jester King in Austin and a smaller brewery in Ohio
Happy New Years everyone.  Haven't had much lately to post, hopefully things will pick up son.  Anyone have a dapper son in need of a large or fits in a 19" P2P?   AvailableBB Fleece jacket  [[SPOILER]]
Umm.  At what point do you cut off communication with a buyer that keeps asking a million questions and still hasn't bought it.  Have a guy that has continued to ask questions through 2 relists and still hasn't bought.  Seems like a forthcoming return request or defect if he actually buys it.   My listing couldn't be any more clear on the details.
Any idea on maker of this LV suit?  Belvest?   Looked through the labels thread and didn't see anything - it has also become a strange cluster f lately
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