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Strange OBO came through. A guy offered me a decent price about 70% of my asking price, so I counter with something decently lower. I figure we would meet somewhere in the middle. The counter expires so I think nothing of it. I look now (item was relisted) and guy puts in offer ABOVE my last counter offer. I guess I win here, but I feel like its some sort of set up.
wtf.....just got this on a button down from a relatively new account: This is not a button down shirt, just wanted to let you know.   I think this one should be added to my black list
Spoo with the amazing hauls as always.  Apparently GW's around me are having all clothes for $1 on Sundays....imagine my surprise when I went to a small one that nearly always empty and it was beyond packed.    Only managed to find this vintage sport coat.  Would rock it if it were my size, measurements lead me to believe its a 46-48 R.  "Slubby" camel hair & wool with some seriously heavy buttons.  Almost lemon yellow (I gotta figure out better...
Not a bad weekend NWOT Filson and Willis & Geiger flannels Corneliani woven white stripes dress shirt Got excited when I found 7(!)  Samuelsohn suits.....only to find they all had piss stains  :\ But alas there were two Samuelsohn sport coats.  One cashmere and one wool.  Excellent And to go with them.....two Samuelsohn wooden suit hangers   Will try to snap a few pics
I know I'm pretty new at selling, but I have figured out how to keep shipping costs down by reading plenty into this thread. I'm sure buyers appreciate it. Now as a buyer myself, I'm now realizing how overpriced sellers are setting shipping at. Do any of you actually reach out to a seller and sort of nicely suggest ways to lower costs? I had a guy just ship me pants in a Flat Rate Priority Envelope, when he could have just as easly fit them in the normal Priority bag...
Quick trip in the rain turned in a few things.   Grenson tassel loafers 8.5d   BB made in Italy tan camelhair 48L  Do we know who made these for them?
Two nonpayers in two weeks. WTF. Do you all leave negative feedback after the case is closed? Buyer can't leave feedback at that point. Really aggrevating.
Great day today.  So much fodder and a couple I really love.  Seemed like most of the stores were hiding the good stuff since Labor Day.  Found a bunch for myself which never seems to happen.  Even found a pair of unused Quoddy shoes that someone seems to have left in the closet.  Has that white film built up on the leather but have never been worn.  Just needs a clean up and condition and should be good to go.   Zanella dress shirt - wild pattern  L   Pringle...
Wow, thank you all for the helpful hints.  Would be great to dress everyone in Drake's, but its probably too expensive and my groomsman wouldn't understand nor care about the quality.  I would rock one myself.  I sent a PM about the RLPL bow ties.  May work out, still have to run it by the fiance.  I thought about Tie Bar as well, I have a couple and they seem good.  Might end up being the best idea.   Stopped at a favorite on the way home from work.  Had to pass on a...
I'm getting married next year and trying to piece together the outfits. I'm resigned to renting or buying cheap suits. One of things I think I can do cheaply is arrange for some nice ties for the guys. How difficult is it to come across 5 of the same exact ties via ebay? I'm prefer not to buy any of the crummy Chinese ties up there. Like, anyone try to grab OK brand ties like Brooks Brothers, Land's End, etc all the exact same? I'm assuming solid color would be easiest.
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