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Nice mixed bag today. Regular thrift: Millar button down and Best of Class dress shirt.  Discount find:  Millar stretch cotton belts more importantly...ethrift Loro Piana plaid 100% linen blazer  N/A:
In reference to smaller clothes, I'm a 40 jacket which is pretty easy to come across, but my major issue is sleeve length in shirts. Going from center of neck to cuff, I'm like a 28/29. Any tips on how to find shorter length sleeve dress shirts on the bay? I know about Peter Manning and want to try a shirt if they have a decent sale. I'm trying to avoid having to pay for the cost of sleeve shortening - unfortunately near me the prices range from 40-50 per shirt.
Just looked at updated tracking on an item and saw this: ALERT MID USER NOT REGISTERED TO EFN MID Anyone know what this means?
Day started out great, found a few personal things and a mannequin that will be perfect.  Took some test shots and went to turn on PC...nothing.  Still can't figure out what died.  Possibly RAM or video card.  Looking more like RAM and memory prices are sky high right now 
ughhh...found a J Press shaggy dog in my size.  Got excited until I found large holes all over the sleeves.
Thanks for the tips.  Looks like I'll be stopping at the Home Depot to get this going. 
Anyone have any suggestions on a simple, possibly cheap in home photography set up?  I am planning to build a light box for small items, but I need something for sports coats, shirts, etc.  I'm fast running out of the ability to take photos outside and I have very poor natural lighting in my house.  Maybe build a giant light box?
 Gang Starr - Moment of TruthGZA - Liquid SwordsBeastie Boys - Paul's BoutiqueBut changes constantly. Golden age is the best.@Letric, for instrumental stuff, I got into DJ Cam. Check his stuff out if you haven't already.
Strange OBO came through. A guy offered me a decent price about 70% of my asking price, so I counter with something decently lower. I figure we would meet somewhere in the middle. The counter expires so I think nothing of it. I look now (item was relisted) and guy puts in offer ABOVE my last counter offer. I guess I win here, but I feel like its some sort of set up.
wtf.....just got this on a button down from a relatively new account: This is not a button down shirt, just wanted to let you know.   I think this one should be added to my black list
New Posts  All Forums: