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camera experts.  does this seem like a decent upgrade to take better still photos?  i have a Nikon P&S and I don't like how some of my photos turn out.  this seems like the lense will help out big time? https://shop.usa.canon.com/shop/en/catalog/eos-rebel-t5-red-ef-s-18-55mm-is-ii-lens-kit-ef-75-300mm-f-4-56-iii-refurbished?WT.mc_id=C126149
Isn't there any recourse for this?  If you have the pants back and can show ebay there is no hole, won't they side with you?
Some nice ethrifts came in  - unpictured, scored a pair of Salt Optics frames for a steal, just sent in to get new lenses NWT Samuelsohn shepards check- 40R  [[SPOILER]]   NWT Todd Snyder - mayfair fit - 38R  [[SPOILER]]  recent EZ Duo - Resort Jacket - unstructured goodness  50R  [[SPOILER]]   recent EZ Cool Effect   - finally found something in my size - NA  [[SPOILER]]
Ugh....came across one dozen Zanella flat fronts, all in my size.  All were used as a diaper by the former owner  :( POP....never thought I'd ever see Cuci in my area.   Moleskin pants   33x31  [[SPOILER]]  Coming in at a stout 5 pounds....Armani wool, cashmere, silk 40R overcoat.  Does someone else make for them or is this in house?  [[SPOILER]]
Hi all, any thoughts on maker?
Did Harvie and Hudson move into cheap rtw suits?  Found a couple but left becuase they were super cheap feeling like a men's wearhouse suit.  Everything was machined and the wool was of a pretty poor quality.
A number of interesting finds this past weekend.  All available if interested Hickey Freeman wool/cash 46R - this is a half norfolk, right?  [[SPOILER]]   Polo Ralph Lauren suit  40R- made in Canada- any idea who would have made this?  Doesn't at all look like a Samuelsohn or S Cohen label  [[SPOILER]]   A bit on the pimp side....Zanella shirt - Small   [[SPOILER]]   Paul Smith London suit - 46R - made in Italy - looks like Lardini?  [[SPOILER]]   H Huntsman & Son dress...
So I have some larger jackets for sale this fall and wondering what you all would do to package them for shipping?  Any recommendations on bags to wrap them in?  I'm talking like Filson mackinaws, older Pendleton wool coats, etc.  I have some bags I use for sport coats, but these couldn't fit in there.  I have the 1092 priority boxes but wanted to present the jackets in a bag.  
Not much this weekend.    RRL rugby shirt....where's Waldo!     since others found it.....another Schott Down piece.  This time leather and down vest.  
Anyone need some Filson?  Found on slickdeals.  50% off already marked down prices when you add to cart...only some sizes left.  The noteable item is the cruiser for $127.  there are some vests, gloves and belts still out there.  too bad, nothing left in my size  :( https://www.countryoutfitter.com/search?q=filson
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