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Found this awesome jacket.  Thought it would fit my wife, but alas a bit too small.  Before I put it up, would like to make available to SF who have dapper wives/gfs.  NWT Brooks Brothers brown herringbone Size 12.  What's the term for this jacket?  Riding coat?    [[SPOILER]]
Would this be made by Alden, Rancourt or AE?   Can't quite determine by the script.  [[SPOILER]]   
Just got back from my honeymoon in Montral and Quebec City.  Couldn't fit in any thrifting time, but the trip was amazing.  So much to see and do.  I'm now enamored by Canadian menswear.  I don't see any street wear near me except a Wings + Horns tshirt I found for $4.  Any brands to look for?   What would be recommended to look for in classic menswear besides those I'm familiar with like Samuelsohn, Coppely, S Cohen and Jack Victor.   Anyone have success finding well...
Is this a valid Polo label?  Seems like it may be vintage.  On a buffalo plaid coat.
Comme Des Garcons x Rolling Stones.   I'm stumped on this one.  Can't find anything online.  Unfortunately all the inner labels are faded out.  Looks like it says Made in Japan if I compare to other CDG shirts.  Would appreciate help.  [[SPOILER]]
Anyone know of any decent deals going on for tie boxes?  Uline's shipping cost blows any per box savings.  Found this today....seems pretty good: http://www.ebay.com/itm/125-6x4x4-Packing-Mailing-Moving-Shipping-Boxes-Corrugated-Box-Cartons-100-/380719017445?hash=item58a49f2de5
Anyone AuthenticGoods on here?
Thanks for the quick replies.  I wrote LL/TG.  It just doesn't look like an X to me, so I was confused.
Anyone know how to interpret this size tag?   I think it says "LL/TG."  I would have thought this was a men's large, but now I'm not so sure.  Its a sweater.
Trad broz...found a mass of Ben Silver today (had to leave about a dozen damaged behind)  Plus Seaward and Stern  [[SPOILER]]   O'Connell's, Missoni, Liberty cotton, purple glen plaid and NWT Polo  [[SPOILER]]
New Posts  All Forums: