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Depending on the height of the boots, you have a few options.I use USPS for my shipping.  They offer a Priority box specific to shoes (sneakers, dress shoes, chukkas).  Ships by weight.  You would have to order them online or stop by your local office to see if they happen to have one....
 @SpooPoker are the Faribo's both blankets?
Anyone who just lists via ebay (not garagesale, etc) notice anything different lately?  Was listing items today and I'm not getting the additional details fields like length, waist, country, etc.  Just the condition, photos and a details box.  Has something changed?  I always made sure to enter all the additional details so my items could be found.
Not much this weekend.  Love checking out this page after a long thrifting weekend.  Found one item I hope is a pop for myself.  Looked it over, compared to others, seems like this is real, but I'd like to see if anyone else can confirm this is the real deal.  $1 day pick up so no biggie if not.      
Thought someone here might want this when they're in the field - on clearance lol https://www.nordstromrack.com/shop/product/1245612/gant-rugger-r-grail-sweatshirt?color=DARK+GREY+MELANGE#  
Anyone order supplies from USPS recently and experiencing delays?  I ordered boxes and bags over a week ago and nothing has come in yet.  Usually gets to my house within 3 days.
Looks like I can contribute to the deadbeats.  Won auction.  No messages until my automatic unpaid case opens.  Says he was waiting on a paycheck and no longer has the money to pay and wants me to cancel.....I let that ride through so he got dinged for nonpayment brice.cunningham.dawson
Cannot figure this Patagonia sweater out.  Is it men's or women's?   I've never come across this label and I've been searching for a while now with no luck.  Tried the style number and no luck either.  
Anyone know where @PLaydice has been?    Found this old shirt....seemed like a decent grab.  Didn't see this label on his tshirt post.   [[SPOILER]]   Almost never see Alden here.  Oil finished.  Too bad I'm a wide or I'd keep.  they are just too tight.  Just a small bit of damage on the right toe - avail 8D  [[SPOILER]]
New Posts  All Forums: