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Comme Des Garcons x Rolling Stones.   I'm stumped on this one.  Can't find anything online.  Unfortunately all the inner labels are faded out.  Looks like it says Made in Japan if I compare to other CDG shirts.  Would appreciate help.  [[SPOILER]]
Anyone know of any decent deals going on for tie boxes?  Uline's shipping cost blows any per box savings.  Found this today....seems pretty good: http://www.ebay.com/itm/125-6x4x4-Packing-Mailing-Moving-Shipping-Boxes-Corrugated-Box-Cartons-100-/380719017445?hash=item58a49f2de5
Anyone AuthenticGoods on here?
Thanks for the quick replies.  I wrote LL/TG.  It just doesn't look like an X to me, so I was confused.
Anyone know how to interpret this size tag?   I think it says "LL/TG."  I would have thought this was a men's large, but now I'm not so sure.  Its a sweater.
Trad broz...found a mass of Ben Silver today (had to leave about a dozen damaged behind)  Plus Seaward and Stern  [[SPOILER]]   O'Connell's, Missoni, Liberty cotton, purple glen plaid and NWT Polo  [[SPOILER]]
How about some skinamax shows like Red Shoe Diaries or Marilyn Chambers' Bedtime Stories.  Not that I would know what those are. 
Not much this week.  Some questions if anyone can help Vtg made in USA big block Hilfiger T.  M avail What is the name for this kind of silk?  Its got a lot of "slubbiness"   [[SPOILER]]    Authenticity check?  Comme des garcons x Rolling Stones shirt.  I haven't found any info on this.  Faded tag says 2005.  [[SPOILER]]
OK thanks!Ah OK.  Thanks.  Wasn't sure if he was under another ID
Who is wowniceshirt on here?
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