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Thanks!  This looks like it might just do the trick
Anyone have any suggestions on where I might find plain white linen/silk pocket squares at a decent price?  I wanted to add them to my wedding party's attire and I'm not finding anything.  I'd say something in the less than $25 apiece range.
Couple interesting items. Bigger guys who need a trad jacket:  P2P 26  recent O'Connell's 3/2 navy blue with gold buttons  [[SPOILER]]  Paul Stuart plaid wool/cotton shirt.  Love the pattern, arms too long for me :(  Size M  [[SPOILER]]
Thanks!  Your tshirt thread is really informative.  I normally find the tshirt aisles at thrift stores to be daunting, but I had some extra time this weekend and this popped up.
Thought this was just for display but in fact for sale.  And half off day too!  Avail  [[SPOILER]]   Magnum PI shirt!  [[SPOILER]]   Tried my hand at tshirts.  This good @PLaydice?  [[SPOILER]]
Found this old Saks sports coat today.  What's the name of this type of plaid?  Needs a good cleaning though.  Available  40S/R  [[SPOILER]]
Hi all,In store pick ups have been very scarce, but I've done pretty good online. RT BOC - vibrants!  [[SPOILER]]  Thanks "mens shirts"Eton  [[SPOILER]]   Charvet  [[SPOILER]]    RT  [[SPOILER]]  Is a BAPE long sleeve shirt worth a grab?  [[SPOILER]]   Been had Polo Country heavy cotton shirt  [[SPOILER]]
Hi all, been a while since I posted.  Things have been pretty barren here.  Thought these were a bit interesting. Gitman Bros Vintage boats and birds - n/a  [[SPOILER]]  What in the world would this be called?  Zegna short sleeve, popover band collar?  Feels like cotton linen - available  [[SPOILER]]   Polo madras patchwork pants!  Ugh wished they were my size.  32  [[SPOILER]]   Anyone need a kids belt?  26  [[SPOILER]]  Lastly, anyone know the maker?  I can't figure this...
Hello.  Posted in thrift thread, but came across this one.  Anyone able to tell authenticity of Dsquared2 shirts?  I haven't seen this label.  Blue shirt has metal tubing in the collar and sleeve cuffs to keep shape....haven't seen this before.
Hi all,Recent finds and a question on authenticity.  Anyone familiar with Dsquared2 labels?  Can't find anything that looks like these Dsquared2 shirts -  [[SPOILER]]   Mix o shirts.  2 Viyella - Medium, Faconnable linen - Large, Talbott - Large, Tyrwhitt - 14.5 slim fit: Thought this was pretty neat.  S Cohen Prestige with Italian wool.  Ticket pocket, dual vent, nice pattern - 42R:  [[SPOILER]]
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