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The good: 7 pairs of Pantherella's (discount store), vintage Orvis Gore-Tex rain coat, recent HSM suit and staple grey HF suit, and 4 mint Robert Talbott BOC ties. The sad: left a Zegna Su Misura 15 Mil Mil suit behind.  Severe stain on the jacket and pee stains in the pants.  :(  Finest suit I've come across in my thrifting time yet.  Too bad
Thrift brag? http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/12/17/human-remains-donated-goodwill-cremated-ashes_n_6342206.html
LOL, this is a new strategy to get bids?  Throw your kid in the photos? www.ebay.com/itm/MENS-PAUL-STUART-GREEN-RED-MULTI-PLAID-TWEED-WOOL-COAT-JACKET-SZ-M-England-/321615214225?pt=US_CSA_MC_Outerwear&hash=item4ae1c2b691
This worth grabbing?  V neck in size XL.  Seems about as nice as the Alan Paine sweaters I've come across:   Vintage people.  Came across this very old LL Bean workwear(?) unlined blazer.  No rips or tears but definitely dirt and spots- definitely has been used, but I imagine a good cleaning will bring it back. Best I can determine is this is 50s or 60s.  Anyone good at dating LL Bean?
It was in my bag today.  Friends and Family day on the 7th.
Finally finished photographing and measuring.  All will end up on the bay.  Still can't get over all that cash found in one of the pockets lol Chipp overcoat - blue/black fibers.  P2P 22.  48" length.  Almost 6lbs  [[SPOILER]]  J Press super slubby silk navy blue 3btn.  So wanted to keep, doesn't quite fit right for me.  P2P 20.5  [[SPOILER]]   J Press tan windowpane plaid tweed P2P 20  [[SPOILER]]   J Press Presstige chalk stripe DB suit - P2P 20.5 flat front pants 35x31 ...
Oh my, oh my, oh my.  Absolutely amazing day which only needed 2 stops to be complete.  Someone dropped off an entire collection of J Press, Chipp and Hickey Freeman clothing.  Had to pass over 40 (yes, 40) pairs of HF pants because they were pleated and not worth grabbing for the price asked.  Grabbed a number of older J Press sports coats and a suit (had to pass over another that has piss stains).  Grabbed a super heavy vintage Chipp overcoat.  Hung onto a few HF sport...
Nice mixed bag today. Regular thrift: Millar button down and Best of Class dress shirt.  Discount find:  Millar stretch cotton belts more importantly...ethrift Loro Piana plaid 100% linen blazer  N/A:
In reference to smaller clothes, I'm a 40 jacket which is pretty easy to come across, but my major issue is sleeve length in shirts. Going from center of neck to cuff, I'm like a 28/29. Any tips on how to find shorter length sleeve dress shirts on the bay? I know about Peter Manning and want to try a shirt if they have a decent sale. I'm trying to avoid having to pay for the cost of sleeve shortening - unfortunately near me the prices range from 40-50 per shirt.
Just looked at updated tracking on an item and saw this: ALERT MID USER NOT REGISTERED TO EFN MID Anyone know what this means?
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