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Shrink them as much as possible and then take them to your tailor to reduce a bit the extra inseam.
They sell it on every sale/outlet section of any site selling LVC because it's not really popular. It's a souvenir shirt from the 40's, it's not stylish and it's tackier than hawaian shirts, but just wear it, if you don't feel comfortable it'd make a great pyjama shirt xD. By the way, have any of you spotted these 1978 Castro shorts?  I'm not too excited about the rainbow arcuate, but they add a very charming SF 70's look. Too bad i can't find them anywhere, would love to...
Try 'SUMMER20'
I'll try that, i know that they can taper them a bit from knee downwards, but i'm not sure if the result will be regular as the leg opening is pretty wide all along the inseam.   Do you mean that you like thinner materials or that they stick better to your body and legs?  Those skinny women "jeans" are like 90% cotton, some poliester and elastane. If you have some clemency for your crotch, have a look at "Cheap Monday" skinny jeans. They have slightly more room than women...
Any advice on how to wear loose fit jeans without feeling silly?   I got a pair of vintage early 90's Levi's leather tab in a beatiful deep wine color. They're kind of old fashioned, very high waisted, they sit right below my belly, but the rise is very neat and the top block fits very nicely.    Things go bad from knee downwards. They are loose just like the label says, similar to a 550's. They bag at some sides of my leg and the denim is very stiff and heavy and...
It was probably moved to the sale/outlet section. You should find it by clicking on sale and then on the banner that says 'Clearance'.
I really need a 20% code this week!
 Not really, sometimes the model wears a size up or size down on the pictures, so when you get the item it may run bigger or smaller than expected so people just return. I've picked items from my dreambox that have gone sold out twice and they were flawless, also when something is returned many times, price is reduced eventually.
Sometimes items take too long to appear as sold out. 
Last code supossedly expired on sunday. I really hope there's a new one today. Their selected items are meh, and very overpriced.
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