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Any code around? I really need a 15% for few non final sale items from my dreambox selling out 
I see, thanks!
Are there any working codes that can be paired with the Halloween random discount?
100% Cotton stretches too. Go ahead with the W31 18,5 if you look for a slim fit, wear them around home for about 2 days and they'll stretch to your ideal waist size. But i think that leg opening is independant of waist size, so those in sz 32 will be 18.5 aswell.
 Before this 'final' sale started, there was a section inside 'Sale' that was called 'Last Call', which contained clearance items that have been on the site for long time. Now those items are at laughable prices, and probably only accesible for people who have them in their dreambox.
Thanks for the code, but it doesn't seem to work in Europe. I'll just go on with no code, final sale prices are better than regular sale prices with 30% off. Greetings
I've noticed some reasonable price drops, any code out there to max the discount?   Thanks
Shrink them as much as possible and then take them to your tailor to reduce a bit the extra inseam.
They sell it on every sale/outlet section of any site selling LVC because it's not really popular. It's a souvenir shirt from the 40's, it's not stylish and it's tackier than hawaian shirts, but just wear it, if you don't feel comfortable it'd make a great pyjama shirt xD. By the way, have any of you spotted these 1978 Castro shorts?  I'm not too excited about the rainbow arcuate, but they add a very charming SF 70's look. Too bad i can't find them anywhere, would love to...
Try 'SUMMER20'
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