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Any spare 10% + Free shipping code?
@styleforumfan Levi's 501 regular straight leg or Wranglers 13mwz would work without being necessarily baggy. I have skinny legs but big thighs from swimming too, and they fit like a dream.   Also have a look at Denim & Supply RL, their slim collection is kind of tapered but works well with big thighs and butt.    With all this silly ultra skinny trend, if a jean isn't tight to your ass is considered baggy. It's not baggy, it's just masculine.
501 design and fit is simply the most iconic, authentic and beautiful you'll ever find in a pair of jeans.    511's look good on me, although the rise is so short that i'm halfway bent to the left, you know ^^   I just avoid the Levi's site, mediocre season collections, all made in china and atrocious designs in silly colours. @hellstorm2004 you can look for some other European site sending worldwide. Denim & Supply Ralph Lauren has a very nice collection, Pepe Jeans...
Hey there, i've always worn 501's preshrunk stonewash, i'd like to try some STF's but i'm not sure how to identify them.   I get them from an outlet so they don't come with tags identifying the style. The back cardboard patch is exactly like this one but without the Made in Usa     So do all 501's with the 'Care instructions inside garment" in this format points that they're STF? Also the stitching is more orangeish than golden.   I don't want to end up with a...
Are yoox generous in Christmas with codes? I'm in so much need of a +20% + Free Shipping 
 Seems like that code is only for USA/Canada, it's 10% + Free Shipping, with such good prices they set this week my pocket would be torn if i could use it :P
Anyone knows if there's at least some active 10% code for Europe?  Thanks!
How many days/weeks for new 15-20% yooxcodes? I've been ordering non-stop for weeks and i still haven't got all i wanted 
How's the sizing in 501's compared to the one in 511's?   I usually get a size 28 on 511's and i always end up moaning that i should've gotten one and even two sizes bigger. I'm pretty slim but i have girly curvy hip and slightly muscled legs from my swimming days. They end up loosing up with wear, but the first day i end up with stomachache huh, too damn tight.   Should i order one size bigger or more on 501's? I usually wear size 28 on regular fit jeans from sites...
New Posts  All Forums: