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Are yoox generous in Christmas with codes? I'm in so much need of a +20% + Free Shipping 
 Seems like that code is only for USA/Canada, it's 10% + Free Shipping, with such good prices they set this week my pocket would be torn if i could use it :P
Anyone knows if there's at least some active 10% code for Europe?  Thanks!
How many days/weeks for new 15-20% yooxcodes? I've been ordering non-stop for weeks and i still haven't got all i wanted 
How's the sizing in 501's compared to the one in 511's?   I usually get a size 28 on 511's and i always end up moaning that i should've gotten one and even two sizes bigger. I'm pretty slim but i have girly curvy hip and slightly muscled legs from my swimming days. They end up loosing up with wear, but the first day i end up with stomachache huh, too damn tight.   Should i order one size bigger or more on 501's? I usually wear size 28 on regular fit jeans from sites...
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