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Apparently 117 people attended Georgia Tech's spring game this year. http://bloguin.com/crystalballrun/2014-articles/117-fans-attended-georgia-techs-spring-game.html
This is scarily accurate. I might have to put a bid in on the Cantarelli.
Time for a bump on this one. Who's still playing? Got my wizard to 70 tonight. Found some pretty good legendaries in the process. http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/whatupmoney-1395/hero/42929710
I'm probably wrong about the administration (though, for whatever it's worth, I have heard it from a couple people over there in the last couple days).No matter what you say, that was still hilarious.
From what I've heard from people at Tech, the university administration helps students steal the T to prevent vandalism to the property, personal injury, etc. LOL at "fiber optics and stuff."
If we're lucky, we can time it so Ed will be in Russia.
I heard two things (both of which could be totally made up but I will repeat them here anyways). 1. We offered Kirby Smart and Jeremy Pruitt at the same time and said that the first one to accept got the job. 2. Pruitt is good friends with our OL coach.
This is pretty much the only reason I am rooting for Auburn.
That last drive was actually pretty impressive. Though I am still rooting for MSU
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