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Can you just walk into a store and order one of those?
I'm knee-deep in dissertation work out here in Athens, but I'll come out if I can swing it. I'll be moving to Miami this summer, so it would be good to see everyone one more time before I skip town.
I really enjoyed this article on the Bama onside kick: Some good explanation of what Saban was looking at/what he was thinking when he made the call.
It's a bunch of coaches (Muschamp, Narduzzi, McElwain, etc.) breaking down the plays as they happen (instead of the regular game commentary). Very cool.
Is anyone else watching the coach film room broadcast on watchespn? This is great; I'm a huge fan.
It'll be interesting to see how this all shakes out. Would Pruitt want to coach under Smart? Tom Herman is the other name I'm seeing thrown around--and he also seems like he's pretty legit. Will Richt stick around Athens for a year in a university development role? Apparently his wife still has a year of nursing school left.Hopefully something good will come out of this...I was a big fan of CMR.
Their press release is brutal.
The final play of the Miami-Duke game is worth watching. I'm enjoying Temple-Notre Dame as well. Happy Halloween, all.
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