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I don't even know what to say about the Dawgs. Lots of missed chances, but I still like our team. I'm enjoying the end of Kentucky-Florida...I would be shocked if the Gators actually lose.
Michigan/Notre Dame. Even Virginia Tech/Ohio State, potentially.
I really enjoyed watching the end of that one as well.I'm curious how FSU and Bama are going to do over the rest of the season. They're both very strong but they don't look infallible.
Welp, I guess I'm watching Georgia State football tonight. Happy 2014 season, everyone.
How's Wednesday for you?
I can't wait for the first real game of this season on Thursday, August 28. [[SPOILER]]
Apparently 117 people attended Georgia Tech's spring game this year. http://bloguin.com/crystalballrun/2014-articles/117-fans-attended-georgia-techs-spring-game.html
This is scarily accurate. I might have to put a bid in on the Cantarelli.
Time for a bump on this one. Who's still playing? Got my wizard to 70 tonight. Found some pretty good legendaries in the process. http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/whatupmoney-1395/hero/42929710
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