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Just to put this in context, I'm at 91.35% and Ed is at 48.3%.
Your heuristics have been god awful in this thread and even worse in Pick'Em.(That said, I do appreciate your confidence in UGA this time...)
I can't wait for this weekend. The rain is going to be a mess.
Don't let him troll you, Matt; his logic re: the South Carolina game obviously makes no sense. That said, Tech is putting up some serious numbers and I'm excited to watch them play at Notre Dame this weekend. Ed: What's your guess for the big GSU-Oregon game this weekend? Are your odds better or worse than when you played Bama in 2013?
I'm not even going to dignify this with a response.
While you're right that teams will be able to claim wins over ranked opponents, things should shake out pretty quickly. OK @ Tenn and LSU @ Miss St. will clear things up a lot this weekend.Who's your team, if you don't mind my asking?
Hey @edinatlanta, Nice job with your Pick'Em board last week. Picking Wisconsin over Bama and Louisville over Auburn was a bold move, but I like your style. Let's see how you do in week two.
Lovely afternoon. Until the storm delays, at least.
Do you think Georgia State is going to do another cash drop this year? I might make the trip up to Atlanta for that.
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