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It'll be interesting to see how this all shakes out. Would Pruitt want to coach under Smart? Tom Herman is the other name I'm seeing thrown around--and he also seems like he's pretty legit. Will Richt stick around Athens for a year in a university development role? Apparently his wife still has a year of nursing school left.Hopefully something good will come out of this...I was a big fan of CMR.
Their press release is brutal.http://www.theacc.com/news/acc-announces-11-01-2015
The final play of the Miami-Duke game is worth watching. I'm enjoying Temple-Notre Dame as well. Happy Halloween, all.
My favorite part of this one is the Patriots hat.
WOW. I switched over to Florida-LSU with :10 left and didn't see it. Had to check espn.com to figure out what you were talking about. I can't believe that.
This week is, like, the witching hour of CFB. What's going on?
In less morbid news, next week should be awesome. (6) LSU vs (8) Florida (7) MSU vs (12) Michigan (9) TAMU vs (10) Bama (15) Stanford vs (18) UCLA (17) Iowa vs (20) Northwestern (13) Ole Miss vs (27) Memphis (4) Utah vs (28) ASU It'll be another Saturday in which I sit in front of the computer and try to do research while constantly distracted by good cfb.
This sort of opens up a rabbit hole, but I think the issue is much bigger than just concussions. My understanding is that there's consensus in the medical community that repeated subconcussive impacts can cause cte (see e.g. 1, 2). Additionally, for many players, these hits start in middle school and high school--where coaches are significantly less experienced in teaching block and tackle techniques (and there is more variability in the protective technologies available...
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