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I don't disagree--but how in the hell did they lose to Duke and UNC this season?edit: I guess the same way we lost to SCAR and Florida...ugh.
"We ain't come to play SCHOOL" still cracks me up every time.
And looks like Mike Riley to Nebraska. Will be interesting to see how that one works out.
The nerdy Indian kid in me loves this gif, even in spite of the rough Georgia loss.
Georgia-Georgia Tech is killing me.
Still great prices on these two. [[SPOILER]]
Does that make you feel better about Georgia State getting shut out a couple times this season?
I don't really root for Florida, but I would really enjoy watching them eke out a close one against FSU at the end of the season.I literally rewatched it as soon as I got home from Sanford Stadium. That first Auburn drive is so much less frustrating when you know that those seven points they score in the first two minutes are the only points they get all game.That looks awesome. It was a little weird seeing so many blazers in the stands last night, but I guess that, now...
Looks like LSU is going to beat Bama as well. Tonight turned out to be interesting. edit: Not so fast! edit2: Wow....that was a great game (Bama won) Ed: Moscato? Really?
On one hand, I wanted UGA to be the team that knocks Auburn out next week. But on the other hand, I just really enjoyed watching the end of that one. That was a really rough loss for Auburn.I assume you were watching ASU-ND. Is ASU as good as that final score seems to indicate?I kind of can't wait to see how many points Clemson racks up on y'all next weekend.
New Posts  All Forums: