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I don't really root for Florida, but I would really enjoy watching them eke out a close one against FSU at the end of the season.I literally rewatched it as soon as I got home from Sanford Stadium. That first Auburn drive is so much less frustrating when you know that those seven points they score in the first two minutes are the only points they get all game.That looks awesome. It was a little weird seeing so many blazers in the stands last night, but I guess that, now...
Looks like LSU is going to beat Bama as well. Tonight turned out to be interesting. edit: Not so fast! edit2: Wow....that was a great game (Bama won) Ed: Moscato? Really?
On one hand, I wanted UGA to be the team that knocks Auburn out next week. But on the other hand, I just really enjoyed watching the end of that one. That was a really rough loss for Auburn.I assume you were watching ASU-ND. Is ASU as good as that final score seems to indicate?I kind of can't wait to see how many points Clemson racks up on y'all next weekend.
You may have spoken too soon on this one, Ed (not to mention the 3-4 solid night games coming up).
Yes! Join the rest of the Dawgs in the CFB thread.
Random thoughts: I'll take CMR running an ethical, transparent program and annual disappointments over an unethical program and national championships any day of the week. I'll always be proud of the team with him at the helm. I'm not convinced that Will Muschamp is a bad coach. If the only evidence we have to that point is their W/L records in the last couple seasons, I'm not persuaded. Though I guess at some point, someone ought to be held accountable for their poor...
I agree 100%. I have a feeling I'll be a lot less nervous after the first quarter. But for now, I am still pretty nervous.
Louisville-FSU is shaping up to be a great game.
While I agree that they were pretty obnoxious, I think most neutral parties are just thinking "Oh, cute. The two GSUs really hate each other."The upshot, though, is that it's going to make for a fun rivalry for you guys--when you finally beat Southern, I have no doubt that you will be just as obnoxious.
New Posts  All Forums: