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Yep, wasn't there. Didn't receive any confirmation emails either ...Still pending but I guess I'll keep an eye on my NWMA account over the next couple of days and see what happens.
Similar problem - didn't get any confirmation email. Went through my account and it looks like my purchase is "pending", should I be worried?
Remind me what's the SF code, or where I can find it again? Thinking about pulling the trigger on the conservation coat.
Thanks! This bodes well for my short t-rex arms
Random question that I was hoping somebody in this thread would be able to help me with. Really eyeing the Stephan Schneider conservation coat, but the sleeve is way too long. Would I have any luck at a tailor, or should I just give up hopes on this jacket?
Anybody know what the widest/highest instep lasts is - looks like the 325, but wanted to doublecheck. Doesn't look like it according the MTO spreadsheet, but has SF ever done a MTO with a wider last (i.e. EE fitting instead of E)?
@Vincent Chanal - I'm still in! If you guys need any motivation pictures, here they are: courtesy of sweetennui over on reddit.
Not sure who started it, but that person may have backed out. Two or three people have backed out in the past week or so.
Do we have to do it in groups of 12? I know 12 is the limit but can we add to the GMTO?
Tentatively put my name down. Gotta figure out sizing (and see if the 341 last actually works for me).How many do we need for the GMTO?
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