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Quote: Originally Posted by Prada_Ferragamo NO and please don't start dumbass threads Exactly the type of faggotry I expected. This is the only forum on the internet where people are actively participating. A simple hypothetical question shot down by USE THE SEARCH BUTTON bullshit that occurs in EVERY thread on this shitty forum. What exactly am I searching for, genius? "How to fill in fades on my jeans?" It was a difficult-to-articulate...
After many aborted attempts at raw denim mastery, I decided to get a semi-prewashed jean. I went to a local store and fell in love with Nudie Big Bengt Dark Crinkles, thrilled to find a jean that would fit comfortably over my bigass bodybuilder's quads and ass. THE PROBLEM: Unfortunately they only had 34x34's, which led to immense stacking. After having them hemmed. I think they're the best-fitting jean I've ever owned. So the FIT is perfect, but here comes the...
They look idiotic, as do all of the other bags posted in this thread
Are there any cool resources for men's earrings, beyond etsy? In particular, I'm looking for something like these sterling silver pyramid-style earrings that're made by alex and chloe. Thoughts?
They look absolutely fucking retarded.
those shirts are ungodly. i'll never understand you people.
Quote: Originally Posted by mlyngard Small questions thread, champ. I've never been on a message board that is so hell-bent on suffocating the life out of itself.
well, that suggestion was useless. thanks for nothing.
I'm looking for a shoe with the following features... - Slip-on with a nice, dark, rich leather for Jeans and Dress Pants - I'd be doing a lot of walking/standing in them, so they have to have some form of support or cushioning. Tottally flat shoes make me walk like I have a wine bottle up my ass. - Under $150 US - Site has to ship to Canada - I can't stand lace-ups, so slip ons preferred. The...
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