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I wear a 26 in all other SLP denim and I had to size up to a 28 for those. They run real slim. I'm 5'7 110lbs, so unless you're thinner than me those probably won't fit.
The Chicago store has it in a size 42. Runs large, so may work for you.
They run big. I normally wear a 42 and sized down to a women's 38 and it's still large on me.
I believe they were $2190 and 15.5cm
They made those super destroyed jeans in men's sizes also. Not sure if they are still available anywhere. I know the regular destroyed are still available as I grabbed a pair from the Chicago store yesterday. If you call one of the stores they can check for you.
I like four-in-hand with skinny ties.
I'm even skinnier than you, with a 30in chest, and unfortunately I haven't found any company that fits like Dior Homme. Their sweaters in a xxs and suits/jackets in a 40/42P fit perfectly. For dress shirts though you should give Jantzen a try if you haven't already. For sweaters you might want to try some of the Japanese brands like Lad Musician and Julius.
I have a beige and grey pair, but not the velvet ones. Fits just like the jeans, except the cords run true to size in my experience. Yoox had some of the velvet ones in stock last time I checked.
I'd buy a bunch of these if they're ever made in an x-small.
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