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Thank you! The length doesn't really bother me too much. I'm worried that cropping them would mess up the rips in the back of the original gem.
5'7". It's a size 44
Here you go
I have this jacket, fits very slim. I love the simplicity. Will get you fit pics this weekend
I wear a 26 in all other SLP denim and I had to size up to a 28 for those. They run real slim. I'm 5'7 110lbs, so unless you're thinner than me those probably won't fit.
The Chicago store has it in a size 42. Runs large, so may work for you.
They run big. I normally wear a 42 and sized down to a women's 38 and it's still large on me.
I believe they were $2190 and 15.5cm
They made those super destroyed jeans in men's sizes also. Not sure if they are still available anywhere. I know the regular destroyed are still available as I grabbed a pair from the Chicago store yesterday. If you call one of the stores they can check for you.
I like four-in-hand with skinny ties.
New Posts  All Forums: