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Anyone able to verify if this bomber is legit?
They did not order any size 26 in US for knee patch denim. I was able to grab a 26 from couple weeks ago so you may want to check there to see if any left.
I got the brown ones, I don't think they have the cigar ones in store
They should be available at all the boutiques now, I just got a pair at the Chicago store yesterday.
Thank you! The length doesn't really bother me too much. I'm worried that cropping them would mess up the rips in the back of the original gem.
5'7". It's a size 44
Here you go
I have this jacket, fits very slim. I love the simplicity. Will get you fit pics this weekend
I wear a 26 in all other SLP denim and I had to size up to a 28 for those. They run real slim. I'm 5'7 110lbs, so unless you're thinner than me those probably won't fit.
The Chicago store has it in a size 42. Runs large, so may work for you.
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