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Quote: Originally Posted by Matt my head hurts. So does mine. Thanks mate.
Remove the button and use cufflinks. I have all my business shirts made with single cuffs.
The presence of a few women brings out the jerks.
Quote: Originally Posted by iammatt How many mafoofans can a Birkin fit? Head in or out?
Any recommendations for 'must sees' and 'must dos' in Saigon? This is a family visit so I'm thinking shopping, culture etc, Thanks.
Quote: Originally Posted by audiophilia Much consternation about Oz Shiraz', much of it warranted. To much heat, alcohol or fruit bombs. Not this beauty. Expensive at $50, and worth the dough. Smooth and sophisticated with glorious flavour and everything in balance. Worthy of your $$$. Much needed after a seriously shitty day. It appeased my wrath. If it is any consolation you are paying less than I would have to in Australia. ...
Lunch at Le Cinquante-Cinq
Quote: Originally Posted by lim's What makes you think consuming flouridated water is good for you? Just because toothpaste has fluoride? Are you gonna eat that too? And, what makes you think the fluoride (industrial waste) in water is the same flouride (sodium flouride) in toothpaste?
I stayed at Pestana Palace a few years ago. Its only detraction was that it was not in the heart of the city (but it is within easy walking distance). Nice rooms, great service and food.
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