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Quote: Originally Posted by gdl203 You don't want to be talked out of buying a quartz watch so I won't. Out of your examples, I prefer the last one. Don't be concerned about the brown strap. Buy an extra strap (black) and a cheap strap-changing tool (check Timezone.com's sales corner for sellers of both) - you'll be able to switch back and forth in a couple minutes. I see so many people making watch purchase decisions based on the strap. It's a...
Ok, so I'm thinking about buying another watch. I'm set on bracelets so I'd like to get something with a leather strap. My conflict is this: what color? There are two designs I'm looking at, and each have two color options. Now, before you respond, please note that I am well aware of the automatic v. quartz debate. If I had the money for an automatic - especially one along the design lines that I like (read REVERSO!) then I would buy one in a heartbeat. But I don't...
Quote: Originally Posted by skalogre Yes it can, especially seawater. For some bands it will be long term, some will suffer fast. There are bands with leather that is treated to be resistant So I'm wondering, what's the point of packaging a watch that is meant for swimming / diving with a leather band that can be damaged by the same activity?
What's the general opinion about swimming with a leather band on your watch? I wonder because many watches are being made with leather bands but are made to be water resistant up to various depths. Will the water ruin or otherwise damage the leather band?
One thing I've noticed myself: while flat fronts do have a slimming effect, particularly on the hips/thighs, that effect may actually work against you overall. I'm one of those men unfortunate enough to have a nice beer belly (more from junk food than beer, but there's some of that in there too). I tend to wear flats, but I've noticed that by slimming up the look of my thighs / hips, the size of my middle is accentuated. Whereas, when wearing pleats, my lower half...
My favorite drink is a vodka martini, dry, straight up - especially when preceded by a tall Hackor Pshorr (sp?).
Quote: Originally Posted by Connemara What do you think of these Florsheim Imperials? I realize the newer Imperials aren't the best, but as I understand, are still decent quality. The sole sort of bothers me...anyone else think it's a bit too thick? Hmmm...Personally, I like those. Maybe the sole is a little thick, but it's not obscene.
Levi's 569! Can't beat the jeans, can't beat the price! :-)
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