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What are you having? I never got into that habit- I remember from Michael Jackson's whiskey book that he used to recommend this or that malt as an ideal nightcap; somehow I'm more a man of extremes: either I drink really much or nothing at all before sleeping and rather read a book, maybe ideally a not too exciting one. A Swiss antiques furniture dealer told me that he won't read old auction-catalogues at night so not to get too agitated...
Who of you punks regularly wears a nightcap? I just thought of buying one cause lying in bed my nose was cold. When at 11 a.m. the postman rings to bring me a parcel of yet another occult tome from an obscure publisher, I'd like to greet him wearing pyjamas, a long nightcap maybe a dressing gown sipping a glass of red wine before returning again to the oneric realms.
"I like cats; and I don't like people who don't."-> 25:55: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S0qbZiX2GcQ
Check also the key-word tama-hagane-(steel), e.g. ehamono, yoshimitsu or this munemasa looks also nice:
Mahler is very good, I also had a phase when I concentratedly consumed esp his symphonies, when I got hooked by the 1st and 6th but came to like the 3rd and finally was fond of the 9th.The poet Arthur Schnitzler was seen walking in an awkward way behind Mahler on the Kärntnerstraße in Vienna. When he was asked about what he was doing he said 'I wanted to see what it felt like to retrace the footsteps of a genius'...90s music:
I love the 90s too, like anything up-beat. .
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