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Untrue. I took the example above from a German TV show featuring some kitsch millionaires living in Monaco called Die Geissens; they are the epitomes of newly rich.
^ That's OT. Inheriting money from ones father isn't newly rich.
Yeah, baby- you're a sucker, you're a fucking pesant. Yeah...He enters the saloon with his cool vocabulary and orders some wine and puts a 5000$ bill on the counter and says: "I'll pay 500% markup willingly cause I'm such a tough bastard".
Ok, I'll start: don't be afraid of e.g. sending a bad wine back and asking for a new one and then ask for such an 'alleged' vulgarity as ketchup or mayo for your chips- the place is there to serve you, not vice versa!
What are you having? I never got into that habit- I remember from Michael Jackson's whiskey book that he used to recommend this or that malt as an ideal nightcap; somehow I'm more a man of extremes: either I drink really much or nothing at all before sleeping and rather read a book, maybe ideally a not too exciting one. A Swiss antiques furniture dealer told me that he won't read old auction-catalogues at night so not to get too agitated...
Who of you punks regularly wears a nightcap? I just thought of buying one cause lying in bed my nose was cold. When at 11 a.m. the postman rings to bring me a parcel of yet another occult tome from an obscure publisher, I'd like to greet him wearing pyjamas, a long nightcap maybe a dressing gown sipping a glass of red wine before returning again to the oneric realms.
"I like cats; and I don't like people who don't."-> 25:55:
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