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Picked up a pair of Galways at the factory sale yesterday. 10B 82 Last Dainite soles Burgundy Delapre leather  
Picked these up a while back.   10B 202 Twickenham   These run larger than my last pair of 10B 202s. I suspect this may be something to do with the recent refreshing of the lasts that I have heard mentioned on these forums.  
 Please see this post: It is called Martin's grain as it was made by W&J Martin's tannery. Note the names of the variety of leathers they made in that post. Please see a recipe for Zug leather also included with no mention of chocolate syrup. I would be interested to know if there is any real evidence supporting the use of chocolate syrup, I believe it may be a myth.
That certainly sounds possible, as this defect appears to materialise on the toe and heel. That said, the dark oak leather on my pair definitely feels drier than on my other EGs. I am hoping this will change with conditioning over time.
I have experienced this "cracking" on dark oak, and my purchase was MTO and was therefore not sitting on a shelf.
Yes, don't ignore this cracking. Exchange it for a refund. I recieved a pair of EG in Dark Oak recently, and they exhibited this cracking that you are seeing. The leather is quite dry, and the cracking gets worse very quickly with wear.There is clearly a problem with the dark oak recently, the quality is simply not up to scratch and is far beneath that of other EG shoes I own.
Galways this morning  
It is definitely wishful thinking. It might be worth noting that Zug used to be made by a tannery called Martin.  
Are you sure it is no longer being produced? This post from Ilcea back in August last year suggests otherwise:
That's made me very sad :(
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