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That's made me very sad :(
Anyone know if EG are still taking MTOs in Zug/Heather Gorse?
Triple leather sole? They must be pretty heavy. I wasn't aware EG would even do that.Is there even any real advantage over double leather?
Does anyone here have any experience with Tricker's bespoke service? I'm having trouble finding much information on it online.
 Damn, I'm a 10B! I think 10.5B would be too long...
Is it correct that EG won't do the Galway in shell? In the store they told me they could, but I think someone here said they can't. If that is the case then this is especially interesting if they did EG's boot in shell.
They were originally longer due to a mix up. 
Someone had some imitation Galways made up in shell cordovan. They were made by Rozsnyai in Budapest.   https://imgur.com/a/XZ6PS#0  
Great! So glad to see you get something! That is a beautiful shoe. We'll need more photos when it arrives :) If I'm not too busy I may be going tomorrow, I don't expect there will be too much left. Are you still interested in more?
What kind of variation is there in sizes? Are the mostly E width or are there any very narrow or wide shoes too?
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