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Does anyone here have any experience with Tricker's bespoke service? I'm having trouble finding much information on it online.
 Damn, I'm a 10B! I think 10.5B would be too long...
Is it correct that EG won't do the Galway in shell? In the store they told me they could, but I think someone here said they can't. If that is the case then this is especially interesting if they did EG's boot in shell.
They were originally longer due to a mix up. 
Someone had some imitation Galways made up in shell cordovan. They were made by Rozsnyai in Budapest.   https://imgur.com/a/XZ6PS#0  
Great! So glad to see you get something! That is a beautiful shoe. We'll need more photos when it arrives :) If I'm not too busy I may be going tomorrow, I don't expect there will be too much left. Are you still interested in more?
What kind of variation is there in sizes? Are the mostly E width or are there any very narrow or wide shoes too?
Thanks for the input :)
How does it compare to the 202 and the 64?
Can you advise on how the differents lasts fit compared to each other? Most comparisons I see seem to be regarding the shape of the toe rather than the fit.
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