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Throw me an offer. I'm pretty willing to meet your price. Wanna move it so I can get a new villain from the fall collection. Got too many villains now lol. It's been worn only 3-4 times too.
I have a dark grey Villain in medium if anyone is interested.
Would anyone be interested in a dune tech poncho. I like it but not sure if I'm gonna keep it. Size large for retail price.
Man guess I just didn't email in time.  Maybe Brandi will hook it up and take a hoodie from someone else's order. JE PLZ   Update- Brandi is still amazing and although it sucks I'm not getting my hoodie as of right now, the way they treated the issue was fantastic
Just found out that the reason I wasn't getting any info about my dark grey villain I pre-ordered is because they are sold out and my pre-order didn't reserve me a hoodie.  If anyone has any info on a site that has the dark grey villain in a medium, info would be great.
Everyone posting pics of their dark grey villain and I still don't have mine 😭
^same thing for me.  Ordered two classic t's and the dark grey villain.  Got the t's but waiting on tracking for the villain or for it to just show up at my door
ok thanks still not sure if I should go ahead and get the burgundy with the 20% off or get the dark grey.  Kinda want dark grey more but burgundy is nice too.  Maybe both...
Any chance we can get a dark grey villain restock? Also anyone who has the burgundy villain is it a true burgundy or more purple
I'm not worried about the email issue I'm sure there were a lot of emails to go through from the midnight collection release.  I made my last post before i got home and when i got home i saw my hoodie so no worries for me
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