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I'm selling a medium dark grey villain
I have all mediums in villains thinking I should size up for the dual zip. Smart or nah? I want it a little less fitted
Is there gonna be an olive villain? Should I get the dual zip?
Does anyone know if there will be an olive villain? Not sure if I should buy the dual zip in olive
Olive villain?
No olive villain???
Once again anyone want a dark grey villain size medium. Worn 2-3 times.
Throw me an offer. I'm pretty willing to meet your price. Wanna move it so I can get a new villain from the fall collection. Got too many villains now lol. It's been worn only 3-4 times too.
I have a dark grey Villain in medium if anyone is interested.
Would anyone be interested in a dune tech poncho. I like it but not sure if I'm gonna keep it. Size large for retail price.
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