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Contemplating a "no new Aldens for 2013" pledge...though I only acquired two new pair in 2012: the Unionmade Brown Alpine Grain longwings that just arrived and the Chromexcel Chukka boots that I'm still selling (see sig). Two isn't so bad, but there were several other shoe purchases in 2012 and now I think I need to scale back. Well, at least stop buying...
That's what I thought, but the Rancourt boat shoes have a different stitching pattern where the piece of leather with the eyelets is affixed to the shoe, on the side.http://www.rancourtandcompany.com/men-s-1/boat-shoes/2-eye-boat-shoe-carolina-brown-chromexcel.html
What about these? Do you think they are Rancourt?http://www.ralphlauren.com/product/index.jsp?productId=11828821Here are the photos of mine:
Need help on my ravello longwings. I feel like from the beginning as soon as flexed them there was a discoloration at the top crease, where the dye sort of moved away. Anyway, ideas on how to make these look better? Should I just use some brown wax? I do live in a dry climate. Is this something I can fix or are we already talking about sending them back for reconditioning? They are only a couple of years old.
Also check the FAQ in my sig.
Those Stockton's look great, anyone have them or something similar?
We are definitely seeing a trend with the 975! How about some other lists? Or can you not bear to think of a world that is so horrible that would not allow you to keep more than three pairs of Aldens!
Wearing these today, and almost chose them over the snuff suede PTB.
If you were only allowed to keep three pairs of Aldens, which would they be? Provide lists and/or photos. My choices: 1) #8 Longwing (975) 2) Tan Suede unlined Chukka 3) Snuff Suede unlined PTB
I'm thinking small as well. I'm a 10D and use a Medium. I don't think having them super tight would be good for the leather, unless you want a longer shoe (?).
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