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I added this link to the Alden FAQ ( should add a couple of things to the FAQ if anyone wants to contribute:1) Photos of all of the different sole options2) Photos of the different edge trim options3) Maybe a list of things to check when you get new Aldens, typical flaws, which ones are normal, which ones are deal breakersAnything else? Feel free to PM because this thread moves fast I might...
Look at the FAQ in my signature, and see the category:"Cordovan: A Photo Gallery of Some of Mac's Shoes"There are a few photos of this style.
It's on there already.
It's been awhile since I posted this. Plus, I added some things, and can't edit the original post after 6 months or something like that: ALDEN FAQ Compiled by borderline using the combined wisdom of "The Official Alden Thread" on Styleforum and other web sources. Before Buying What are the different lasts and how do they fit relative to one another? *See below for more sizing...
Could the background on quoted text be made darker? Alden Chukka Chromexcel 10D. Only a few hours left and there is a bidder already at $350.
Thanks Mac! Hey, did you guys see this from Steve Martin! New Year everyone!
Contemplating a "no new Aldens for 2013" pledge...though I only acquired two new pair in 2012: the Unionmade Brown Alpine Grain longwings that just arrived and the Chromexcel Chukka boots that I'm still selling (see sig). Two isn't so bad, but there were several other shoe purchases in 2012 and now I think I need to scale back. Well, at least stop buying...
That's what I thought, but the Rancourt boat shoes have a different stitching pattern where the piece of leather with the eyelets is affixed to the shoe, on the side.
What about these? Do you think they are Rancourt? are the photos of mine:
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