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Hiya, looking for some comments on what I was wearing over a few days this week to work (University professor). Particularly curious about your thoughts on the break in the pants. The chinos in the 2nd and 3rd pictures felt really short, but in the photos they don't look that short...Also the shirt in the 2nd picture, the dark blue LLBean, is a small. I usually wear a medium, so the fit seemed better in the chest but the sleeves might be a hair short. Can you...
Anyone know if J.Crew returns take a long time? I'm trying to decide if a package was lost, or just delayed. Thanks.
Quote: Originally Posted by The Deacon Alden #8 Shell bal Shortwing $3.99, inconspicuous among a group of brown shoes on a crowded shelf at a thrift. I recognized the folds and that "established 1884" inner heel imprint and am quite pleased. Great price, but did you get a pair or just one!
Quote: Originally Posted by Nataku ^^^ Looks dated, dump it. You're probably right. Slim pickings in this area.
Found this blazer for $4 this week. The fabric doesn't look super fancy, but it might be wearable. Fit in the chest seems OK, probably need to shorten the sleeves. Tag says "Made in Yugoslavia". 2nd pic lighted to show pattern. What do you think? Keep or dump?
I think your user name should be "Grumpy"
Given the source for this material, and the decline in elephant populations, I think you should be looking for other options. There is a reason there is a global ban on ivory trade. Something to think about.
Go for the one on the left.
http://www.bananarepublic.com/browse...y.do?cid=15862 Actually kind of useful technique for showing the 360 view. Not that BR is the arbiter of style these days, but do these not all seem really long in the length? Or could this be considered OK because they are more casual pants?
Do you guys put shoe trees in your Clark's desert boots between wearings? Or is it not necessary given the construction, leather type, etc. I have dark brown suede.
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