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Edge trim, finally. I bought the "natural" and "brown" from Allen Edmonds. Someone on here (Sazon?) mentioned that the 975 #8 longwing requires the brown edge trim, but I didn't think it matched at all. I was really impressed by how much the natural edge trim improved the look of all of my aldens with the antique or natural edge trim. If you haven't tried, it, definitely get some. Regarding the 975's though, I think it must be black. Any reason why the brown was recommended?
Thanks for quoting from the FAQ! See my sig for more info. Additions/modifications always welcome.
Last one. This is the regular 501XX STF jean. Purchased in April 2008 so nearly 5 years old. I think I paid $20. Have to say these have been great, and they have held up better than my LVC 501's posted above, needing no repairs despite harder wear. These have a 32 waist, the LVC were 33 (but probably could have gone down to 32).
APC NS from April 2010.
LVC 1947 501XX Front and back of the same pair About 3 years old. Can't remember exactly; several washes, one crotch repair and pocket rips repair. Didn't realize I put my iphone in the back right pocket enough to make a fade. Wallet in left pocket.
Wore this combo today. Notice the lighter color on the edge trim on the toe, this is from abrasion. What is the usual fix for this?
I noticed that the 2 eyelet unlined suede chukkas fit me much better than the 2 eyelet chromexcel chukka.
I know price is relative, but that's still hilarious!
Looking for a source for laces that come with the suede Aldens. Need sand suede and snuff suede colored laces, cotton (not waxed), and for PTB, not boots. Thanks!
See FAQ in my sig. If anyone has a better idea on where to put this, let me know. Still looking for additions! Want to add photos of all the different sole and edge trim options.
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