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Ok, which feet belong to the multimillionaire? This is from Seinfeld's online show on Crackle.com. On the left, David Letterman. On the right Jerry Seinfeld. So the answer is "Both". Any chance the boots are from Alden? If not, any ideas on the manufacturer?
It's been awhile since I posted this. I added some things since the last time. If you have any additions or recommendations, send the info in a PM for a future version. ALDEN FAQ Compiled by borderline using the combined wisdom of "The Official Alden Thread" on Styleforum and other web sources. Before Buying What are the different lasts and how do they fit relative to one another? http://www.styleforum.net/t/85589/the-official-alden-thread/13590#post_4526910 *See...
Favorite quote: What is your approach when getting dressed? I strive to look appropriate for business, but without looking like I actually have to go to work. As though I may be on my way to or from the next aperitif. Possibly by boat.
Did Don's sport coat look really tight in the back, when he was sitting at the bar in Hawaii? I don't have a photo.
Also want to come to the defense of Leffot: he shipped me a shoe with a subtle yet critical defect. He not only gave me a refund but remembered the issue and emailed me back 6-8 months later to give me first crack at a replacement pair.
The "Stores" link does not allow you to search by Zip Code, and there all 50 states listed on the pull down menu but several states have no authorized retailers.
I have an AR-1 turntable hooked up to some VTL tube amps and preamp with old Thiel speakers, and I'm looking for a new cartridge. I have a cheap Grado that's been on there for awhile, and would like some recommendations for model and source. I want something reasonably priced (~$100?) and which sounds decent.
Thanks!I'm fairly sure it's Barrie. What is interesting is that I am usually a 10D in Barrie but these are 9.5D and they are slightly snug but still super comfortable.
First ever family portrait. Sitting tight with eight pairs, with a mix of shell, calf, and suede. No boots (yet), other than the suede chukkas. And no repetition of colors! Back row (L to R): Ravello LWB (Alden DC); Alpine Grain LWB (Unionmade); #8 LWB (stock); Dark Brown leather (J. Crew) Front row (L to R) Calf V-tips (LeatherSoul); Snuff Suede PTB (LeatherSoul); Unlined Tan Suede Chukka (used, from SF); Cigar PTB (used, from SF)
In case no one answered, some think that it grips better on wet surfaces. Cons include the section at the toe getting wet and being affected negatively, and I think that overall these soles make the shoe too heavy.
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