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9.0 miles today with my wife. Sunny, 50 F, no wind. It went well. Avg. pace about 9:15, with ~500 feet of hills. I did 60 miles in December, the training plan has me doing 88 in January. Do you think this is too big of a jump?
I'm 46, and I'm a long time runner, never did more than 1/2 marathon, signed up for the Big Sur marathon in late April. So, the specific training has begun. The main issue is knees, not worried about the cardio. Did 8 miles last saturday, 9 mile run scheduled tomorrow. Doing 3-5-3 during the T-W-Th part of the week, then the long run on the weekends. We'll see how it goes. I don't care about my time, but I need to finish in
Well, you were cool in college, so don't sell yourself short.
FYI there is a button called "Multi" that allows you to respond to multiple posts in one post. Just click the multi button and then at the bottom click "post reply".
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z20CjCim8DM Worn Wear – a Film About the Stories We Wear Presented by Patagonia Directed by the Keith, Lauren, Chris, and Dan Malloy Worn Wear is an exploration of quality – in the things we own and the lives we live. This short film takes you to an off-the-grid surf camp in Baja, Mexico; a family’s maple syrup harvest in Contoocook, New Hampshire; an organic farm in Ojai, California; and into the lives of a champion skier, a National...
There's a great tailor in Carmel, just off Ocean. Alteration By Tuyen Ocean Ave & Monte Verde Carmel, CA 93923 (831) 626-1618
It is substantial. The fit is great. The collar seems slightly small though. Otherwise, a classic.
Because I got called out for posting a picture of a shirt on a hanger..... Blurriness is not a filter, it's a dying camera. RRL shirt Denim is Flathead 3009 Clarks Desert Boots
First RRL piece. Absolutely love it.
OK I think that would be perfect. Thanks.
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