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How many miles did you put on your last pair? What's your normal replacement interval?
I'm talking about monthly totals, not weekly! I did 60 in December and need 88 for January. I've done a few half marathons and I'm training for my first marathon in late April. I'm not trying to do anything crazy, if I had a goal it would be to be The main thing for me is to keep the knees in decent shape. In general, if it hurts, I'll back off.
9.0 miles today with my wife. Sunny, 50 F, no wind. It went well. Avg. pace about 9:15, with ~500 feet of hills. I did 60 miles in December, the training plan has me doing 88 in January. Do you think this is too big of a jump?
I'm 46, and I'm a long time runner, never did more than 1/2 marathon, signed up for the Big Sur marathon in late April. So, the specific training has begun. The main issue is knees, not worried about the cardio. Did 8 miles last saturday, 9 mile run scheduled tomorrow. Doing 3-5-3 during the T-W-Th part of the week, then the long run on the weekends. We'll see how it goes. I don't care about my time, but I need to finish in
Well, you were cool in college, so don't sell yourself short.
FYI there is a button called "Multi" that allows you to respond to multiple posts in one post. Just click the multi button and then at the bottom click "post reply". Worn Wear – a Film About the Stories We Wear Presented by Patagonia Directed by the Keith, Lauren, Chris, and Dan Malloy Worn Wear is an exploration of quality – in the things we own and the lives we live. This short film takes you to an off-the-grid surf camp in Baja, Mexico; a family’s maple syrup harvest in Contoocook, New Hampshire; an organic farm in Ojai, California; and into the lives of a champion skier, a National...
There's a great tailor in Carmel, just off Ocean. Alteration By Tuyen Ocean Ave & Monte Verde Carmel, CA 93923 (831) 626-1618
It is substantial. The fit is great. The collar seems slightly small though. Otherwise, a classic.
Because I got called out for posting a picture of a shirt on a hanger..... Blurriness is not a filter, it's a dying camera. RRL shirt Denim is Flathead 3009 Clarks Desert Boots
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