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I did the half-marathon yesterday. It went great. My knee felt fine, I took it easy on the pace. Slightly sore today (neck and shoulders, maybe I'm doing something wrong with my posture?).
Yeah, well, I agree, I'm not going to use the new shoes, I'm going to run slow, and if there's any pain I'll just stop. So, it's an opportunity to do a longish run with no pressure. I'll be happy if I get to mile 8 or so.
Turns out I didn't have an MCL problem, just a muscle sprain, took a week off, then got sick for 4 days, but this week was back into it with a few 3-6 mile runs and everything feels fine. I'm signed up for a 1/2 marathon this weekend which I think I'll try, and if I have any pain I'll bail. Relieved it wasn't anything worse, but still want to be cautious. My new shoes arrived today, I was using the Mizuno Wave Alchemy for many years, one model after another, but it was...
Alden LWB (longwings) from J. Crew Dark brown Size 10D These are used but have lots of life in the soles. There are a couple of scratches in the leather, I can provide more images if you want. These shoes go for $533 new, so this is a great deal on some Aldens, esp. with the price drop! Buyers pay actual shipping costs. I will pay shipping (UPS Ground) in the US. I will also include the original box and Alden cloth bags.
Ralph Lauren Blue Label Tween Sport Coat – size 38R Unlined sport coat. Good condition, from Spring 2011. A bit too small for me. FINAL Price drop $125 shipped in the US. chest: 19" sleeves: 23.5" (one sleeve might be 1/4" shorter, easily fixed) length: 29" (from bottom of collar) I would combine shipping and give a discount (make offer for combined purchase) if you bought my other sport coat as well (see sig).
Bummer! Feels like I have an MCL issue. It's probably only peripherally related to the running. I was upping the miles last month, but then I was doing field work (geology) last weds. and twisted my knee as I was descending a scree slope. Then on Friday I played golf and felt the twinge then. It didn't improve much over the weekend. I should have been icing it but only this morning did it occur to me that the MCL was the likely problem. So, a few weeks off I think....
How many miles did you put on your last pair? What's your normal replacement interval?
I'm talking about monthly totals, not weekly! I did 60 in December and need 88 for January. I've done a few half marathons and I'm training for my first marathon in late April. I'm not trying to do anything crazy, if I had a goal it would be to be The main thing for me is to keep the knees in decent shape. In general, if it hurts, I'll back off.
9.0 miles today with my wife. Sunny, 50 F, no wind. It went well. Avg. pace about 9:15, with ~500 feet of hills. I did 60 miles in December, the training plan has me doing 88 in January. Do you think this is too big of a jump?
I'm 46, and I'm a long time runner, never did more than 1/2 marathon, signed up for the Big Sur marathon in late April. So, the specific training has begun. The main issue is knees, not worried about the cardio. Did 8 miles last saturday, 9 mile run scheduled tomorrow. Doing 3-5-3 during the T-W-Th part of the week, then the long run on the weekends. We'll see how it goes. I don't care about my time, but I need to finish in
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