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13.1 miles today. It wasn't an organized half-marathon. It was my first long run where I felt strong throughout.
15.0 miles this morning. When I finished it was 77F, so I was hot, sweaty, and dehydrated. I probably drank 40 oz during the run but it still didn't seem like enough.
I feel sorry for all you guys in Michigan running in below freezing weather in the snow. Did you see this video? http://deadspin.com/runner-eats-it-immediately-after-interview-about-runnin-1519107024 You can feel sorry for me from June-Sept. when the highs are always >95F.
7 miles after a work meeting. 55F. Stayed on the flats, mostly. Felt good.
14.0 miles today, about half on trails. Felt good. Perfect running weather: sunny, T ranged from 35-45F, no wind.
7.3 miles, after 5 hours of sleep and last night polishing off a bottle of Glenlivet 21 with some friends for a birthday.
I went with the Glenlivet 21. The recipient was really impressed, and I was also impressed. I have the Balvenie 21 which I prefer but this is much cheaper and well worth it. Too bad it went so quickly! Then we switched to Knob Creek and now I'm hurting...
Yeah, well, I think I'm looking for the impressive/widely appealing demographic. So not some old Laphroig. There's a 21 yr Glenlivet that looks interesting for about $120.
I've been drinking scotch for awhile but have been tasked with bringing a bottle to a friend's birthday party tonight. The budget is $100 and it has to be fairly universally enjoyed, nothing too extreme. There's a Balvenie 12 single barrel for $80, but I'm thinking about the Glenlivet Nadurra 16 for $80. Any thoughts or alternatives to consider? These are people who probably would rather have a Johnny Walker Blue, so in terms of being impressive it probably needs to be...
It was my 4th all time, but really only 2nd in the last 10 years, with the first one being last spring. Maybe it was posture, maybe it was just that overall I need to have more training. I really like how the longer runs are more enjoyable now.
New Posts  All Forums: