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19.6 miles. It was supposed to be a 30K race, but the course layout made it a bit longer. My longest run ever. Felt generally good!
8.0 miles. Faster pace than my 4 miles on Monday. I'm supposed to do 17 miles on Saturday and then a 30k race in 10 days. I think I'm going to skip the 17 miler and rest the knees a bit before the 30k trail race.
My local store has JW Blue for $285!
Current Collection: I think you can read all the labels... The 42 yr old Lonach from Strathisla was from K&L, a b-day present from my brother as this was from my birth year, 1967. I think the local store has misplaced the Glenlivet Archive 21, as every other single malt is at least 30% more than K&L Wines in California, but this one is 20% less ($130).
13.1 miles today. It wasn't an organized half-marathon. It was my first long run where I felt strong throughout.
15.0 miles this morning. When I finished it was 77F, so I was hot, sweaty, and dehydrated. I probably drank 40 oz during the run but it still didn't seem like enough.
I feel sorry for all you guys in Michigan running in below freezing weather in the snow. Did you see this video? You can feel sorry for me from June-Sept. when the highs are always >95F.
7 miles after a work meeting. 55F. Stayed on the flats, mostly. Felt good.
14.0 miles today, about half on trails. Felt good. Perfect running weather: sunny, T ranged from 35-45F, no wind.
7.3 miles, after 5 hours of sleep and last night polishing off a bottle of Glenlivet 21 with some friends for a birthday.
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