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Trying again. I'm looking for a Low Straight jean that ends up with (after washing/wearing/stretching) a 16-16.5" waist. Would you recommend a One wash 30 or 31 or Rigid 30 or 31? I have a new One Wash 31 that has a waist of 17" which is too big. How does the tagged size between the Rigid and One Wash differ after soaking/wearing/stretching? In looking at sale measurements in the B/S forum, it seems that a size 30 Rigid had a 16.5 waist, and a size 31 One Wash also had...
Need some sizing advice on RRL jeans. Tried the RRL thread first, but maybe it's better suited for here. I have purchased two pairs of RRL in identical size. (31/32). One is Slim Fit Rigid, the other is Low Straight One Wash. My ideal jean waist size (post wash/soak) is probably 16-16.5." The one wash low straight are actually 17" new and although they are comfortable, I'm worried since they have already been washed, they will be too large, especially if there is any...
Let me know if this is more suited for one of the jeans threads....Need some sizing advice on RRL jeans. I'm trying to find some good heavy denim, I guess these RRL choices are 15.5 or 16 oz which is about right. But I've been having trouble dealing with the shrinkage/stretching uncertainty with raw denim and dialing in the right fit. FWIW I'm about a 32 in LVC 1947. I have purchased two pairs of RRL in identical size. (31/32). One is Slim Fit Rigid, the other is Low...
Purchased from Self Edge summer 2013. One cold soak. Worn only occasionally. Waist is too small for me. Denim is amazing and there's not much wear. New these are $360. Great deal on some moderately used jeans. Chain-stitch hem by Self Edge. Shipping costs paid by buyer. More details here: http://www.selfedge.com/jeans?product_id=762 Measurements: Waist 31" Thigh 10" Knee 8.75" Leg opening 8" Front rise 10.5" Length 33"
Without the tag, seems like a solid workwear shirt...
Thanks for updating this. Would be better if it were more accessible.
Thanks man. Yes, that is the one. It runs along Highway 1 from Big Sur to Carmel. Fantastic scenery.
Just finished the Big Sur Marathon today in 4:20. It was my first marathon, and those hills were brutal. Happy with my time though. Time for a break!
20.0 miles on Sunday. My last long training run before the Big Sur marathon later this month. Felt great, although I avoided any steep hills. Now, the tapering begins.
17.0 miles. Today I drove to the river (Rio Grande) and ran on flat trails for a change.
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