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Sounds like using Google Charts is a better plan for web based interactive charts. Thanks for the tip, I'll see if I can figure it out.
I have an Excel chart question. I have a chart, it's an X-Y chart with numerous data points. In excel, when I hover over the data, it reveals the data source, that is, the cell values. I want to post a large version of this chart to a website, say a blog, and retain this capability. What are my options?
Hey what ever happened to Jim Cutler? Did he just disappear or did something happen to him?
Yeah maybe there's not enough demand for this to have anything readily available off the rack.
Also looking for a lightweight, partially lined herringbone tweed sport coat. I had something from RL that had a weird fit, and now can't find anything else....Is it too much of a stretch given that tweeds are usually heavy and designed for Scottish winters or whatever?
The new trailer for Season 7 part 2: http://link.brightcove.com/services/player/bcpid83327935001?bckey=AQ~~,AAAAAAuyCbQ~,-gfAmfm8njJ8S-9E4q2UfzG931rvkxuP&bctid=4066626109001
One thing I didn't appreciate until recently is if you want to stretch the waist, don't wear a belt.
OK this makes sense. I think the 17" that I measured must be on the larger size for a 31.Thanks, this is helpful. Sounds like I would need a 30 in One wash and 31 in Rigid if I decide to go that route.
Trying again. I'm looking for a Low Straight jean that ends up with (after washing/wearing/stretching) a 16-16.5" waist. Would you recommend a One wash 30 or 31 or Rigid 30 or 31? I have a new One Wash 31 that has a waist of 17" which is too big. How does the tagged size between the Rigid and One Wash differ after soaking/wearing/stretching? In looking at sale measurements in the B/S forum, it seems that a size 30 Rigid had a 16.5 waist, and a size 31 One Wash also had...
Need some sizing advice on RRL jeans. Tried the RRL thread first, but maybe it's better suited for here. I have purchased two pairs of RRL in identical size. (31/32). One is Slim Fit Rigid, the other is Low Straight One Wash. My ideal jean waist size (post wash/soak) is probably 16-16.5." The one wash low straight are actually 17" new and although they are comfortable, I'm worried since they have already been washed, they will be too large, especially if there is any...
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