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Quote: Originally Posted by Rye GB Nice day in the hills. RRL x Ksubi x Henry Cuir x Con Me likes. BTW :There is a henley at barney's(online) just like this marked downed sz lg and xl left.
Three 7 minutes mostly everyday. I have just recently increased to about 4 (but just testing ..we'll see)
[quote=Souper;1149499]Temp - 69°f-87°f, sunny and warm Days Agenda - Wednesday, slumming it. Barbecue w/ friends in brooklyn. Dinner w/ girlfriend Shirt - Blue chambray. Lightweight with white contrast stitching. Plastic buttons. 100% cotton. (Gap) Shirt - White. Boxy fit v-neck. 100% supima cotton. (Uniqlo) Denim - Aizome natural indigo. Hank dyed zimbabwe cotton w/ goat leather detail. Hidden copper rivets. Cotton(45rpm) Socks - White w/ red stripe. Low cut....
Quote: Originally Posted by constant struggle lets keep it peaceful more fits: Well done, I was looking for a fit like this. tks Quote: Originally Posted by Augusto86 You've got your style, and it's cheaper than his, and that's fine. But if everyone dressed like a 1950s factory worker every day, it would be a very dull world Quote: Originally Posted by braidkid guido, i want your...
vote leather ( black ) .. that what i got.
actually this looks okay, never heard of the denim brand but it fits nicely (from what i can see ) maybe a different color shirt, but i can see what your doing.
anybody have the grant 11 shoe by swear, how do they fit? thanks
Quote: Originally Posted by Nonn8tive new item for sale! Wings & Horns Black Coated Selvedge Denim sz 30 brand new - 200$ cad pics to follow...probably tomorrow since im lazy. pics & measure please
sheek louch, good love from silverback gorilla.
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