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dept, "free and fair elections," freedom, destiny, tried, should ... Damn, I could go on and on here.
Quote: Originally Posted by vaclava krishna Perhaps , you self loath, by proxy ? yes, the wit of sf
Choke, Chuck Palahnuik. Age of Turbulence, Alan Greenspan
So Bolt was great, sucks that we didn't get it live in The US but that just how it goes. Questions is how fast do you think he could go guys and is he going break the 19.37 ( i think ) Johnson?
Great Fit as always, though your posture look at little weird. c people knit -- This is My favorite piece, Me wants.
I was introduced to this site ( SF ) by a 'seduction community' member. I wanted to improve my social life, which would mean acceptance and such. I had no style per se, didn't know what been attractive would entail, didn't understand how to make and keep a social circle. Never had a girlfriend. Introversion, but not creepiness was my lifestyle. After meeting the community. I have and now maintain a balanced and decent style, SF standard with my own variations. And all...
Quote: Originally Posted by warlok1965 I'm tempted to go take a picture by my car now just to show my support to EGW. Brooks Bros OCBD i like this, especially fit of the pants well done.
Most times meeting women socially i shake hands a little bit longer than what is the norm, have good eye contact and a bright smile. I rarely follow etiquette; I am a sociopath.
all the time, mostly girls but on occasion taxi drivers, security guards, bouncers etc, in essence people who seem like good contacts. a lot of folks that i am acquainted with in film, music and finance i met in the streets of NY. Oh and Women... i said that already..never can get enough.
bobo - shorts are definitely you. LK - nice fit ( the dior is nice ) warlock - it works, though i wish for better tapering ( but this could be influenced by looking at all those GS fits ) PG - wish there was a better shot of the bag ( bv ) stazy - besides the length the shirt works, just a different look.
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