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Quote: Originally Posted by TyCooN Anyone know which sites still carry the streaky Rag & Bone? If you are speaking about the Blade which is very streaky and skinny (rb 20 ), try calling blackbird; else I'm clueless.
Quote: Originally Posted by chronoaug You know that they're not in stores right? The show just happened this weekend in new york. South willard and barneys don't get them in till around early january so i don't think jet is down yet. You can see some of the fit from the runway show. Your best bet is asking SoCal as he was at the show, but even then, he only can see what was on the runway. Ervell quality and fit is pretty solid. I tried one on before and...
Has anyone seen IRL Partrik Ervell ss 09 shirts, can you speak on fit/ quality? MAybe JEt?
Cleaned up The look - influenced by minimalism in music ( john Riley and music without words ) and architecture, typography. Spent some free time looking at pictures in textbooks lol. Solid Colors - Ts, Polos, Shirts Less Denim. I wouldn't like to change the 'cleanliness' of aesthetic but would like to play with more colors.
Get home about 11:00; Change work clothes 100 dips, about that In sit ups, pull ups ( front & back ), work on shoulder. Get on The computer; music, quick 'dinner' read: Rant - Chuck Palahnuik
Quote: Originally Posted by Casey And don't look too out of place. There's nothing like being the only person in the school who buttons up their collars all the way or tucks their shirt in. Not that it's a bad thing. Just don't make it seem like you're cool because you can do that. Ah well,
Would like to KOP some grey pants for this semester, so holla at me if you Want to Sell or Know where i can get these.
Quote: Originally Posted by bach (sort of) new jeans, going out to dinner very clean, even managed to get that 1/2 " cuff out of the sweater.
I am planning to wear less jeans/denim more cotton trousers for this semester, thus I am looking for something between shoes ( less formal ) and my usual sneaker wear. I though these would be a good choice. Haven't heard much talk about the R&b f/w on here. I think its a decent effort; the four button sack jacket looks interesting; I am hoping to wear this as an early fall regular. What do you guys think, this paired with a button up?
I just got The R&B black ( 79.80 on sale ) trousers in 31, no tracking info actually but probably you can call them for that. They ship with UPS.
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