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Quote: Originally Posted by brandall10 Get into the seduction community, remake yourself.
Quote: Originally Posted by bigboy I think it's a lot harder for the OP to walk away from this than you guys are making it sound. If she was just some random chick, then yes, it would be fairly easy to walk away AND it would be the best thing; she isn't your problem. But this is someone he goes way back with, and possibly still has feelings for her. It may just be my naïve nature, but the least you can do for her is to give it a shot. Try helping...
I'm really surprised at this car. Usually Honda is very conservative at rolling out new and different stuff. It looks like a Pontiac or something that GM would make.
Love them and have several (with varying zip lengths) in heavy rotation...
Quote: Originally Posted by m@T it's not about you. Get over it. She's her own problem... ftfy And yeah, I'd def move on. If you see her (in person without her abusive boyfriend) tell her that you're concerned for her safety. Maybe notify her friends or parents that you know what's going on (you said that she told you about the abuse - maybe they don't know) and then let go. Hopefully she can get the help she needs when she...
Quote: Originally Posted by raw thx for the quick reply, but i dont like the breastpocket and im looking for a slim fit cut. Schott makes a pretty slim fitting jacket similar to the one you originally pictured however it has a breast pocket. Link to coat
Quote: Originally Posted by MrG All this talk is making me sad Layne is dead. It's making me even more sad that I was supposed to see them in '94, but they dropped out of the tour. I got to see them at one of the Lollapolooza's and they were amazing. A friend of mine actually ended up in rehab with Layne. My friend said that he thought that Layne was using drugs while at the rehab.
I got to see AiC a couple of years ago when they were doing sporadic dates with their new singer. He was pretty good but seems to really have taken a back seat to Jerry Cantrell. Or should I say, I can't really hear the new singer's voice over Cantrell very much. Granted I haven't gotten the new CD yet but that was my initial impression just listening to snippets on itunes. Sounds like a great CD though.
I like when Shirtmaven gropes me.
Quote: Originally Posted by willpower http://www.fnm.com/tour-dates.shtml I thought I heard something a while back about them getting back together...
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