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Quote: Originally Posted by yachtie This isn't a religious issue. Anid I'm not going to make it one here. So, what's the issue?
Quote: Originally Posted by norcal_indy I just completed MSF training and will be heading to the DMV this week to grab my license. I've enjoyed reading through most of this thread and, like many, would appreciate some recommendations on bikes to check out as I'm starting my search. Even though I just got my license, I've been riding for ten years but never renewed my M1 after moving to CA. I started riding on a Buell Lightning and then spent a few years...
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Merchandising and Design. Pretty worthless except for posting on Styleforvm.
How truly disgusting.
I'm not sure the country is ready for this. It's only been 40 years that white people have been able to marry blacks.
Quote: Originally Posted by Jodum5 How many jobs ago was it? If more than three no need to list it. Anyway, in my experience not one company has contacted a previous employer/reference for a job application. About 4 years ago and that job has some relevant experience with regards to current potential jobs.
I was fired from a job years ago and I wonder what their policy is on giving out information to potential employers. I could get someone else to contact them discretely (posing a a potential employer) but what about just contacting them myself to find out what their policy is on giving out information to potential employers? I'd like to know what they're going to say.
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