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I've worked at both factory and retail and supposedly there are different factories that make the clothing for Factory and Retail. Some of the differences are really minute and some are pretty obvious. Plus, it makes a difference depending on what article of clothing you buy. In addition I think some retail things that were older (maybe a year old) would get shipped to factory and sell at factory prices but this was not the norm.
Same waist size...I'm starting to get annoyed with J. Crew's quality. I really like their clothing but the vneck wool sweaters I've been buying have been coming apart at the seams at the rear shoulder. It's nothing the tailor / cleaners couldn't fix but it's been annoying nonetheless.
This looks fun!
I recently got my boots back from being resoled. Is it normal for them to feel a little bit smaller? They seem to be a little shorter in length.
Just don't forget, you can't have a gun at all when you cross over the bridge into Jersey.The food is great?
+1I hate people like this customer.
Superfly!Die Antwoord
Art of Manliness Guide to Conceal and CarrySeems legit...
While walking by the Philly Apple Store today I saw the line for the new phone and it was about a half a city block long and about 98% Asian.
Yeah, I emailed them and they directed me to Jim's. Same price but the nice thing is a much quicker turn around since they're in NYC. (As long as they do a good job...)
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