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Currently, what do people think of Brooks Brothers fit? I work part time at J. Crew and I've thought about jumping over to a Brooks Brothers store. I really love J. Crew but I'm not really getting any hours and there's a BB that's much closer and probably hiring part time. I like a lot of their clothing but I've never really worn it. I'll go try some on but I'm curious as to what others think. J. Crew slim fit pants and regular everything else fits me perfectly. Can...
I walked into the CM in Philly and they removed all of the men's clothing. It's all womens! WTF? The saleslady said that they might be opening a separate men's store in Philly but that won't be for a while. Where is the closes men's store? NYC?
I made a demo tape and starting to market myself a little bit. Looks like a fun little part time gig if one can actually get some work (which I'm sure I never will ) but I thought I'd give it a try anyway.
http://www.ebay.com/itm/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=221329951194&item=221329951194&lgeo=1&vectorid=229466 Anyone interested? It looks a bit uncomfortable...
Do you use your real name or do you have a "page"? I have a page and I can't reply to comments on videos or thumbs up or down. Someone said that this was a bug but I'm not sure. Do you know anything about it?
They're removing the cloth from the seats on the L in Philly and replacing it with plastic/vinyl (or whatever) because of people puking, shitting, and dumping their food on them.
+1In addition, in store you can typically stack your student discount (but, again, it depends on the sale).
Only if you bought it online from the Factory Outlet or in an Outlet store.Factory can only be returned to Factory and Retail can only be returned to Retail. They're two separate entities.
Awesome jacket. I really like it a lot. Was thinking of picking up one myself. They're pretty true to size.
I use tunein radio. They seem to have pretty many podcasts on there or, if you can catch it, you can listen live to whatever show.
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