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Superfly!Die Antwoord
Art of Manliness Guide to Conceal and CarrySeems legit...
While walking by the Philly Apple Store today I saw the line for the new phone and it was about a half a city block long and about 98% Asian.
Yeah, I emailed them and they directed me to Jim's. Same price but the nice thing is a much quicker turn around since they're in NYC. (As long as they do a good job...)
Interpol reminds me of Kitchens of Distinction:
FWIW, I had to send my boots to get resoled to Jim's Shoe Repair - 50 East 59th St. - 212=355=8259 - in NYC since there's no RM Williams around. I guess they have been and will be resoling their shoes for a until another store opens up...
My experience with RM is that the shoes were wider than typical american shoes (Allen Edmonds, Alden, etc.) I get my same size but more narrow.
Hi All; I recently met a nice young lady (Colleen) who lives near me (Philly) that started selling / making her own Men's Handkerchiefs. They're quite nice, have some heft, and they launder nicely. I've been carrying them a lot lately and find them quite useful. I rarely use them to blow my nose. I gave one (clean) to my lady friend that I was salsa dancing with who was very sweaty and she used it to clean herself up a bit (we were at an outside concert and they...
I'm still having some random trouble with this and I don't even want to visit SF at times because I know that I'll have to shut Force Quit Firefox. Is it me and my computer? SF? The error / script message states that it has something to do with chrome (I'm running firefox). Could that be it?
No mention of the free U2 download? I downloaded it and I think it sucks.
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