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I'm going to be selling several firearms and I need to find out their worth. I can't seem to find any good websites. Any suggestions? It appears that one has to buy the blue book?
There was a good fight on Septa today but I can't seem to get the video off of facebook. :-( Here's some guy masturbating on the Septa bus while some lady films it with her phone. This guy ended up on the front page of Philly.com today. This video is blurred so it's safe for work.
+1I couldn't buy them as they are clunky as shit! My AE's feel like slippers compared to the Ludlow wing tips.
I hope it doesn't get that big.
So, what's going to be happening with the iPhone 6?
I've never had any problems with any cleaners before this incident. My wool sweater came back from the cleaners with about 6 small pulls in a row across the front of my sweater. It looks like it got caught in something at the cleaners. I took it back to the cleaners and pointed it out to them and they took it (for some reason). I'm going to pick the sweater up again and I'm not really sure what to do. Should I ask for some type of compensation? Ask them to pay for...
I think I'd still get a BMW GS...
Scary stuff! And, it happens so quickly. Glad you're ok. Did you go head over heals or just lay it down? Looks like you hit something head on?
Is that a handicap shoe?
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