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I'm not sure why you think sulfates will make your hair "more dry". I was wondering where you came up with that. If you're worried about dry hair then, while you can try different shampoos (since they have different combinations of sulfates), you could both find a better shampoo for your hair and use a conditioner (especially good if you have curly hair). You could also shampoo every other day.The problem with sulfates is that there is really no way for a consumer to...
Is there any reason that you think that Sulfates are bad?Why are you suggesting this when the water one is washing hair with has a pH of 7?
Um. Try shampooing more.
What do people think about these:
Holla Bitchezzzz!
This guy ^ reminded me of these two drummers...Tony Royster Jr.And Jojo Mayer. The video isn't quite what I was looking for but it's close. He plays along with a lot of techno music. This is his band Nerve.
I've worked at both factory and retail and supposedly there are different factories that make the clothing for Factory and Retail. Some of the differences are really minute and some are pretty obvious. Plus, it makes a difference depending on what article of clothing you buy. In addition I think some retail things that were older (maybe a year old) would get shipped to factory and sell at factory prices but this was not the norm.
Same waist size...I'm starting to get annoyed with J. Crew's quality. I really like their clothing but the vneck wool sweaters I've been buying have been coming apart at the seams at the rear shoulder. It's nothing the tailor / cleaners couldn't fix but it's been annoying nonetheless.
This looks fun!
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