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I've noticed (and I said it earlier in the thread) that J. Crew didn't buy "deep" into many things. Meaning that there were a lot of things that once they sold out they didn't come back. There are several sweaters that I haven't seen since November, Jackets and Coats that they haven't had a size large in for 2 months, Bowery Slim wool pants they haven't had since August, etc... I could've also had a cashmere overcoat for about $100 but I balked on it (this was at our...
J. Crew hasn't had shit for a month. Nothing.
I think the problem is that it's doable but probably hard to pull off unless you have some sartorial skillzzz and are completely confident in what you're doing. These are pics with models / camera crews / stylists, etc. so for the average person - in person probably isn't going to look this good.Not saying that you can't do it, I think most are saying that it's just not that good of an idea for most people.It would be super easy just to put a collared shirt underneath and...
I'd say no. But if you're going to do it, this is probably about the best you're going to get...
Are you sure? I use gmail as my iphone's stock email and get the push notifications. Which phone do you have?
It depends on the item IMO. The shirts at Factory are great. Some sweaters are great. The pants? Depends on what you get. Tshirts are good.
I know some of it is in the stores and should show up this week. Not sure when the website will update.
Does internet radio on my phone use data or is that different?
I'm not sure if the cleaners did anything to it. I hadn't noticed anything wrong with the sweater when I got it and I've worn it several times (and I've never really had trouble with their sweaters except for the pilling) but I find it strange that it came apart at the stitching.
Anyone have a comparison on fit in general or overall style? Help a brutha out?
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