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I don't see how longer hair = dry scalp. That makes no sense. I'd either look for a different shampoo, something to moisturize your scalp, or see a dermatologist as suggested above. As far as hair falling out, one can lose about 50 to 100 hairs per day which you might think is a lot but is probably normal. If you start seeing thinner patches or sections then you're probably experiencing male pattern baldness.
The dark circles under my eyes actually got much better / went away when I was diagnosed with sleep apnea and started using a cpap machine... Actually getting a good night's sleep works wonders... Also, I use a cleanser and moisturizer every morning and night (different kinds in the morning and night) but they're geared towards my dry sensitive skin. I think you need to discover your skin type and go from there.
That's the way that they do it in the Philly area J. Crews. It could very well be different in other areas.
Retail, as far as I know, only offers "free tailoring" if you open or have a J. Crew credit card and only on the length of the sleeves and the length of the pants. Any other types of alterations aren't free. They also don't do the alterations themselves. They ship it to a local tailor.
Thanks for your help. That worked perfectly. I had googled this problem and also scoured the Apple website and found that pretty many people were having trouble with this.Anyone know why I can't get the itunes radio to work? I'm usually pretty good with technical stuff but the itunes thing and the radio have eluded me... iTunes keeps telling me that I don't have a wifi connection (which I don't) and it tells me that I don't have a cellular data network either. I must...
I just upgraded to iOS7 and everything went smoothly except for itunes. Anyone else have any trouble with it? I had a 4 and deleted all of the songs (except for about 20) as I wanted to start over when I got my new phone. I recently got the 5 and upgraded the iOS to 7 and while my computer says that there are about 20 songs on my phone, my phone has songs a couple hundred songs on there which I can't delete or get to. Some are on the cloud but most are just old songs...
How is everyone getting ios7? I just got the 5 and I thought ios7 would show up as a download but... Do I need to buy it?
As did Marlon Brando...Why the negativity for that bike? (I've never heard of them)There are a couple of guys with Harley's here but I don't see them posting much anymore. The Sportster is a fun bike. It's a good price for a fun bike and it's easy to throw around if it fits you.
My guess is that J. Crew makes the flannel and workshirts a little bigger and boxier because they are completely casual shirts. The tailored fit and slim fit regular shirts are slightly more dressy / a bit more refined.
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