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Is that a handicap shoe?
I just talked with someone for about an hour with my phone plugged into my computer and my battery went down to 98% from 100%. I've never seen it lose a charge while it was plugged into a charger (my computer)! lolI have noticed that the arrow symbol at the top indicating something is using my location is now always on. I'll have to try and find out what that is as I think that's a pretty big drain. Maybe something with the new update or me updating my apps caused a...
Has anyone done the most recent update for their phone? I did last night and now my phone gets warm when charging, loses it's charge very fast, and seems to take a long time to charge. Could that be from the latest update or didn't I notice this before?
What will they do when I send my suede craftmen's boots back to be resoled? Do they just resole them or will they steam clean the suede or clean them up at all? What about non suede boots?
This is incredibly sad. Although, people have been so upset by this that I think they found out who the girl is and they will be removing the child when they find them. It was originally from "the people of septa" (Philadelphia).
I wouldn't trust any heavier jackets from J. Crew i.e. the Duffle, Pea coat, etc. You can find better buys / better fabric / heavier jackets from other companies.
I smell a cookin'.
Her voice reminds me of Beth Orton. (Maybe not the best Orton song to compare to this artist but it's an example nonetheless...)
I wonder if the rider was ok? He landed pretty hard on his back...Anywho... Here's a nice little Triumph.
Yeah, really. I'm sick and tired of looking at the nothingness in size xs on the website for the last month.
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