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Does anyone think I should keep the AR-15 or the S+W? Just wondering if this is a good time to sell them?
I was going to start a thread on this but it's been started already (several times) and I'm struggling with these terms. I recently started with a clothing retailer that has both "Custom" made shirts and "Personalized" suits, vests, sport coats, and trousers, etc. Of course, I see other sales people saying, "Oh yes, our clothing is bespoke" and it's really annoying. I guess I'm curious about the word "custom". In this thread I see that custom is the same as bespoke? ...
Ladies never ask what brand I'm wearing. They just ask what I do and where I live. The judge me from there.
It is a nice gun. This is one I'd keep for myself but it's not really something I feel like I could conceal and carry.
I have a hard time believing it but that S+W went for over $2000 on the gunbroker? That seems outrageous. The AR I'm not sure about. I've seen them go for anywhere between $1k and $2k.
I'm selling 4 firearms if anyone's interested. A couple are slightly rare (I think). There were only ~240 of the S+W made and the AR-15 has a very low serial number and was made (or at least most of it was made) in Canada. 1 Colt AR 15 6921 M4 1 S+W Model 6592 1 Beretta Model 21A-22LR 1 H+R Sportsman Handgun
I think what he's suggesting is that while people appreciate your responses, maybe you could hit the return key once in a while so it's not a large wall of text.
I'm probably going to take my guns to a gun retailer and sell them on consignment. They said that they won't take a % of the gun as they make their money on the back end for background checks. Does that sound right?
Mine did the same thing but when I turned it off and then back on it was fine. I've heard of that happening to others as well.
Why aren't the blue books online?
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