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Typically yes, as long as they can recognize the merchandise. You'll also get whatever the going rate for the item is currently which could mean a sale price if it's currently marked down.
I'm not sure. You? I've only previewed it on itunes and while I like it I keep comparing it to Sound Awake. It sounds great but not quite as melodic and a little more either mellow or Set Fire to the Hive - ish... I really loved songs like All I Know, Simple Boy, Goliath and that's not really the new album. I'm probably going to have to get it and listen to it several times.
Modern Prog Rock... If you watch closely, I think you'll see some RM Williams boots... Well, and some Prog Rock...
I'm embarrassed that I just posted this...
I see a man in a white car Move like a ghost on the skyline Take all your dreams And you throw them away Man in a white car
Wasn't that the whole idea behind the v-rod?
Those are always the douche bags that are too cool to wave...
Similar to me when I had my accident. I had someone trying to make it through an accident between a car and me (a car turned left in front of me) and almost ran over my legs while trying to get by us. Luckily, I moved my legs while I was laying on the ground or that person may have driven over them.
Slightly off topic but I've noticed that J. Crew is not "buying deep" into many items. Once they're gone, they're gone. I've noticed several items that have not come back after they were sold out.
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