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I'm a much bigger fan of women in panties...
Giood luck! I hope you can find the right fit. I traveled to NYC to RMW's only store to try them on before I ordered them from bootsonline.com. It's always difficult if you can't try them on first IMO.
Do you think that CM is fashion forward? I'd describe them as maybe contemporary classics.
I didn't know that WB was a made up line (and we do carry it in stores - just not all of it). I'd actually researched the line but couldn't find it anywhere on the interwebs so I thought it was some obscure line that they found somewhere and decided to sell. Something similar to Barbour, arpenteur, or Chimala or something like that - just more obscure.Plus, sadly, I think I know quite a bit about J. Crew's men's stuff but I'd say that most SA's don't know much about the...
I just found this... Link to sizing for RMWI think you have it backwards. My RMW's are a SMALLER size and width than my AE PA's. In other word's, the RMW's run LARGER.My AE PA's are a size 11.5 D (D is American regular fit) and I had to size down a half size for my RMW Craftsmans to size 11 F (the F is their narrow).It looks like the chart says there is a full size difference but I guess I found I only needed a half size difference (and a narrower width).
Really? I never knew that! And I'm embarrassed to say that I've worked there part time seasonally for a couple of years.I often wondered why I had never heard of it outside of J. Crew.
I'm sure someone on here can be more specific but I have both AE and RMW and I size 1/2 size down and also do narrow instead of regular in RMW. So, in other words, I guess you could say RMW Craftmens run a little bigger and wider than AE PA for me.
When I think of denim (or anything else for that matter) I don't think of Wallace and Barnes. I can't say I've ever even heard of the brand.
Retail pays shit so it's not / it won't be much money for either place. I really just do it for the discount and a little extra money.However, BB will be MUCH closer so I guess that will save me on time (I take the subway / train - I don't drive). I don't want to work somewhere that I don't really like wearing the clothing and I'll be trying some of their stuff on but I'm curious as to what others think about it.
Currently, what do people think of Brooks Brothers fit compared to J. Crew. I work part time at J. Crew and I've thought about jumping over to a Brooks Brothers store. I really love J. Crew but I'm not really getting any hours and there's a BB that's much closer and probably hiring part time. I like a lot of their clothing but I've never really worn it. I'll go try some on but I'm curious as to what others think. J. Crew slim fit pants and regular everything else fits me...
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