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Does internet radio on my phone use data or is that different?
I'm not sure if the cleaners did anything to it. I hadn't noticed anything wrong with the sweater when I got it and I've worn it several times (and I've never really had trouble with their sweaters except for the pilling) but I find it strange that it came apart at the stitching.
Anyone have a comparison on fit in general or overall style? Help a brutha out?
If by "bar fight" you mean taking it to the cleaners once and then wearing it a couple of times then, yes, I was in a bar fight. I do see that the QC varies quite a bit. However, I'm not sure how J. Crew compares with other stores.
Seriously? The sweater lasted about two weeks before this happened.
Any takers for $26k?
I like to thing thongs too.
You're a very intelligent poster here on the Styleforum.
Post links to the Peer Reviewed Study that says this or GTFO.
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