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That would be great if that's all it was.
^ It's much more than that. The comments are ruined, you can't reply to comments, you can't make comments, people don't want to risk privacy, etc. I don't see this ending well. I'd love to hear from someone that enjoys it as maybe they can give some insight. I don't see any benefits to it.
I can't stand it. As a long time Youtube user I was recently forced to either join google+ or delete my youtube account and just lurk (not be able to do anything but "like" or "dislike" a video) so I just deleted my channel. While I'm not really much of a troll, I really don't want my personal identity all over the internet with google+ which seems like what's happening. Perhaps I'm wrong but there doesn't really seem to be a way to avoid that. Now, I'm guessing that...
Just posted a couple of videos a page or two back of Porcupine Tree.
I noticed that J. Crew is now carrying RM Williams.
I wouldn't either. That's why I'd work there so I could get the discount. That's what I do with J. Crew.
oops, wrong thread...
That's kind of what I was wondering...I work part time at J. Crew just to make some extra money at the holidays but it's a pain in the ass to get to so I thought about checking out CM. It's very close and seems to have similar clothes but I've never actually worn any of it or seen the clothing in person.It almost seems like it's RL's version of J. Crew. J. Crew has Aldan's, McCalister, Wallace and Barnes... CM has Clarks, Grenson, Mcnairy, Barbour (although, J. Crew has...
How does CM compare to J. Crew? They seem pretty similar.
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