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I think I saw my first sportbike in philly today. I was standing in front of a gas station waiting for a bus and I heard him pull in to fill up. I wouldn't ride now either. Not until they clear the streets. A LOT of pot holes out as well.Although, the douchebags on dirt bikes and quads are out in full force. I guess the Philly police don't try to stop them since they just cause more damage.
Aren't the gardeners waterproof?
I've been on an old school alternative kick lately. Just ordered some talk talk, concrete blonde, the ocean blue and hooters on cd. I think I threw them out with my cassette collection. I tried to get a Trash Can Sinatras cd recently but it's pretty hard to get.
Is there a website somewhere that has good pics of rmwilliams boots? I'm thinking about getting another pair or two (from bootsonline) but rmwilliams and bootsonline pics are terrible.
Are they comfortable also?
I was looking at another pair of AE's but they have the dianite soles. Any comments on those? They don't look so durable or comfy. What about the cronmoks / neumoks also? The leather is so soft but are they worth the money?
I hate to say it but I agree about the high rise pants. The first two pics look a little uncomfortable.
Just do something that you enjoy. Fun and enjoyment are great motivators.
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