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I hate to say it but I agree about the high rise pants. The first two pics look a little uncomfortable.
Just do something that you enjoy. Fun and enjoyment are great motivators.
What exactly is the watch supposed to do? I thought they had pretty limited capability and you needed to be near your phone.
Yeah. I had to restart in safe mode to finish the update and then restart a couple of times to get it to work.
Wow. Great stuff!
I never realized this was a cover by Soft Cell.I just can't get into Bjork. I really loved the Sugercubes and some of her early stuff but after that she lost me.
Put some product in it and use some heat. Hold the hair up / use a round brush / regular brush while drying it will help give the hair more fullness.
Turn this up very loud!
^ No idea what any of that means or how pH relates to cleaning hair. Hair is cleaned by the surfactants in the shampoo, not the pH. I would say that hair texture (after washing) just depends on what shampoo and products you use because they're formulated differently. Not because of pH. I can use two different shampoos with similar pH and have my hair feel differently after using both. (I'm not saying that you shouldn't use what you're using, just pointing out that the...
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