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I've had my Muay Thai equipment for several years (mostly Fairtex - gloves, shin guards, headgear, ankle braces, shorts, gear bag) and I'm finding that I'm doing more boxing these days and considering getting into a little more MMA / BJJ and my equipment is getting a little worn. To upgrade, I recently got a pair of Rival Ultra Bag Gloveswhich are awesome but the thumbs are a little short and I keep bruising my thumbs. I'm probably going to have to sell them and get...
My Mom was thinking it was some kind of bumper jack but there's no lever to jack anything up.
I've been barely able to get on and use SF due to a "script" that keeps running and freezes Firefox. Anyone else having this trouble?
The Styleforum robot doesn't spell very well...
Cool idea.
Does it matter what type or kind of usb expansion hub that I get for my iMac? I assume that there is nothing too exciting about them... Also, do I still need a router for my imac running 10.9.4? I know nothing about wifi and I have comcast cable interwebz so apparently I get wifi for free. I only have a small cisco cable modem that I got from comcast. If I need a router, perhaps I should just go buy a router and cable modem if they come all-in-one?
For those that follow it, People of Septa was hacked. You can follow People of Septa on Twitter to get the whole story.
It protects me from the mosquitoes!
In thinking about it I think I made a racist comment today but I'm not completely sure. I was riding home with my coworker and telling her about an incident that happened between my cubicle neighbor and a new Supervisor. The new supervisor is black with an accent that I haven't been able to identify (not sure where she comes from) and she is very "short" verbally. For example, the other day she asked me to do something which obviously couldn't be done in the time frame...
That's one think that I like about them. I really gravitate towards any company that has a decent website these days and the motorcycle industry is one industry that seems to be really lacking in that area. 5-10 years ago shopping online for motorcycle gear was total shit. (IMO, anyway)
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