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I'm fucking clean as a whistle after eating at Taco Bell or McDonalds.
This guy has many reviews about pomades and hair products if anyone's interested.
R.I.P. Anyone ever heard of The Only Ones? I just found them the other day. Apparently they have a cult following from back in the day?
It's been closed for over a year. I've heard (from this thread and from the place in NYC RM told me to send my shoes to be resoled) that they would be opening again sometime. Not sure when though.
Of course. You can get both slim and regular fit although they might not have every item that they have on the web.
I saw these 3 bands in Philly last week. Not really my type of music but they were all pretty good. The bands are Wrong, Nothing, and Torche
I thought that they went out of business? Isn't that what Billy Joel used to ride / collect?
Good video describing the boots...
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