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I have a hard time believing it but that S+W went for over $2000 on the gunbroker? That seems outrageous. The AR I'm not sure about. I've seen them go for anywhere between $1k and $2k.
I'm selling 4 firearms if anyone's interested. A couple are slightly rare (I think). There were only ~240 of the S+W made and the AR-15 has a very low serial number and was made (or at least most of it was made) in Canada. 1 Colt AR 15 6921 M4 1 S+W Model 6592 1 Beretta Model 21A-22LR 1 H+R Sportsman Handgun
I think what he's suggesting is that while people appreciate your responses, maybe you could hit the return key once in a while so it's not a large wall of text.
I'm probably going to take my guns to a gun retailer and sell them on consignment. They said that they won't take a % of the gun as they make their money on the back end for background checks. Does that sound right?
Mine did the same thing but when I turned it off and then back on it was fine. I've heard of that happening to others as well.
Why aren't the blue books online?
Thanks. That's what I've been doing but I either haven't been able to find the guns that I have or the prices I've seen have been very odd.Why isn't the gun industry like any other where I could go online and comparison shop? It seems very weird. It's like a secret or something.I found a gun shop near me that will sell on consignment and not take a percentage. Apparently they make money on background checks, etc. It looks like I'm just going to take them there.
I'm going to be selling several firearms and I need to find out their worth. I can't seem to find any good websites. Any suggestions? It appears that one has to buy the blue book?
There was a good fight on Septa today but I can't seem to get the video off of facebook. :-( Here's some guy masturbating on the Septa bus while some lady films it with her phone. This guy ended up on the front page of Philly.com today. This video is blurred so it's safe for work.
+1I couldn't buy them as they are clunky as shit! My AE's feel like slippers compared to the Ludlow wing tips.
New Posts  All Forums: