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Today I tried Escentric Molecules - Escentric 01. Liked it. Pretty strong.
Wore Knize 10 today and I think it smells musky / urinal puck to me. Not going to be a keeper.
Encre Noir by Lalique. I'm not sure if this is going to be a keeper or not but I like it.
This may have been posted before but Macy's is phasing out Allen Edmonds and a lot of their shoes are DRASTICALLY reduced at local stores. Some at more than 50% off. Just picked up a pair of suede Strands for $125.
Thanks. I assume that you've used it and had success? Does it matter if I put the product on when the shoes are new?
Suggestions for waterproofing Gardners? Is it an ok idea and any suggestions regarding products and application?
I have a Hamilton Khaki which is desperate need of a new leather band. When I went back to the original store where I bought the watch, the band was pretty expensive. However, I've seen seemingly the same band elsewhere (there's a guy at my barber that sells bands) for much less. Is there a difference between the bands or is it just the markup from where I choose to buy the band? How do I tell what's good or bad? Any reputable watch band makers / sellers?
RIP Lemmy
I have a couple of pairs of Craftmans already (black and suede) but I'd like to get something a little more casual (less shiny with rubber soles) for bad weather / walking city streets / bars / to wear w/ jeans. I wear an 11F and I think they all come in that size but I'm not sure which would hold up best. Any recommendations among...
I've wanted to try Admiral for a bit but when I went to order it recently it was sold out. Good reviews on pomade.com. I've been using JSSloane for a while and just changed to Goon Grease and going to try Pomp's Not Dead. I like the Goon Grease so far.
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