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Scent of the last 2 days: Cedrat Boise - I like this scent a little more than some of the others that I've been trying. I keep seeing that it resembles Aventus and Montale Aoud Legacy - neither of which I've tried. http://www.basenotes.net/ID26137690.html
The key to a "car" beating a superbike? It's the downforce, silly!
Tried Naomi Goodsir - Bois D'Ascese today. Unusual scent. Kind of woodsy... I liked it better after a couple of hours... http://www.basenotes.net/ID26136744.html
Yes! It was very strong but yet it was hard to smell. Weird. There's something odd about it. I even put a little extra on and couldn't really get the scent. People said that they could smell it on me though.
Today I tried Escentric Molecules - Escentric 01. Liked it. Pretty strong.
Wore Knize 10 today and I think it smells musky / urinal puck to me. Not going to be a keeper.
Encre Noir by Lalique. I'm not sure if this is going to be a keeper or not but I like it.
This may have been posted before but Macy's is phasing out Allen Edmonds and a lot of their shoes are DRASTICALLY reduced at local stores. Some at more than 50% off. Just picked up a pair of suede Strands for $125.
Thanks. I assume that you've used it and had success? Does it matter if I put the product on when the shoes are new?
Suggestions for waterproofing Gardners? Is it an ok idea and any suggestions regarding products and application?
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