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Older thread but are you still using them? Anyone still roller blading?
I didn't read this whole thread but the "best" face wash (and hopefully you're using a moisturizer) is the one that works best with your particular skin. If your skin is oily you'd want to use a different product than if your skin was dry or has a slight redness to it. Your skin type should be your first concern, not the name on the bottle. Edit: Oops. I just realized how old this thread is.
I don't recognize the color that you're talking about. Is it over the counter or professional? My experience is that you'll get much less control with over the counter hair products and you'd probably be best going to a professional.
Thanks for the recommendations and I get your points about what is and isn't florals. I'm coming off of years of wearing the same fragrance (and having no idea why I like it) and I've been trying many new samples and trying to figure out the different notes and what I like and don't like.Thanks for the recommendations. What you said about the masculine / feminine distinction is something that I was thinking about recently. It seems like a lot of the masculine scents are...
Tried Indult - Reve en Cuir today. It was nice. Not overwhelming and turned slightly powdery towards the end of the day and it really reminded me of a forest / evergreens / fir trees. http://www.basenotes.net/ID26130039.html Any suggestions for masculine but floral scents?
Xerjoff - Nio. I really like this scent. Might be something I'd get in the future.
Scent of the last 2 days: Cedrat Boise - I like this scent a little more than some of the others that I've been trying. I keep seeing that it resembles Aventus and Montale Aoud Legacy - neither of which I've tried. http://www.basenotes.net/ID26137690.html
The key to a "car" beating a superbike? It's the downforce, silly!
Tried Naomi Goodsir - Bois D'Ascese today. Unusual scent. Kind of woodsy... I liked it better after a couple of hours... http://www.basenotes.net/ID26136744.html
Yes! It was very strong but yet it was hard to smell. Weird. There's something odd about it. I even put a little extra on and couldn't really get the scent. People said that they could smell it on me though.
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