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I'm in Philly.
Any suggestions on where to purchase scents?
See above. I think this is what I was talking about.
How much does it typically cost to get the elastic replaced on Craftmans?
I thought the original was a misprint. Isn't there a Lucky man by the same company as well?
Is it worth buying the original watchband? I'm seeing that the original, authentic watchband is $120 for this watch and other replacement bands from regular manufacturers are MUCH less - almost $100 less. Not that I mind the price but I can't imaging that the original band is THAT much better.
Older thread but are you still using them? Anyone still roller blading?
I didn't read this whole thread but the "best" face wash (and hopefully you're using a moisturizer) is the one that works best with your particular skin. If your skin is oily you'd want to use a different product than if your skin was dry or has a slight redness to it. Your skin type should be your first concern, not the name on the bottle. Edit: Oops. I just realized how old this thread is.
I don't recognize the color that you're talking about. Is it over the counter or professional? My experience is that you'll get much less control with over the counter hair products and you'd probably be best going to a professional.
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