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I'm rather embarrassed to post this but right now I have a very old Technics SLPD888 CD player, SAEX110 Receiver, and a RSTR373 dual tape deck with 2 Bose 301 series 4 Direct / Reflecting Speakers in a 700 sq ft. apartment. I'd really like to upgrade to the 21st century and be able to play pandora, apple music, spotify, internet, etc. stations, and need to get a record player and play CD's / MP3s. Any suggestions of what to upgrade to? I'm loathe to sell what I have as...
Could be.Where do you spray it?I usually spray it on my wrists and that's where it seems to disappear quickly - I assume due to sweat / shirt sleeves.
Did anyone else notice that Terre d'Hermes disappears quite quickly after putting it on? I don't think I could find EDP so I might have the EDT and maybe that's why. Or, perhaps the sprays disappear more quickly than just putting it on one's skin? When I would just pour a small sample on my skin it seemed to last all day. Do people generally use the sprays?
I liked M7. I bought a sample and wore it for a couple of days and I liked it but it didn't make it to my favorites. Still good stuff, though.It figures that this is one of my favorites as it's so expensive!Just ordered a split of Cedrat Boise from there... I'll definitely check there more often.
Thanks I get up to NYC once in a while. I just found MiN online last night and it looks like a pretty cool place.
Thanks. I frequent there but I've never done this. Is it worthwhile / good to use?
Sounds like the hair industry (regarding hair products).
I can't get this song out of my head...
I'm in Philly.
Any suggestions on where to purchase scents?
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