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Good stuff. Have you listened to the Beauty Brains podcast or checked out their forum? They were chemists for companies that made shampoos, conditioners, etc. and they talk about the myths and realities of a lot of the products in the beauty industries.Also, IIRC, they mention that the whole alkalinity thing is apparently a myth except if you're going to the ends of the pH scale.
Lol, I've never even heard of this stuff. I'll have to check it out (and the website).I'm not really sure of the budget although I really don't think I need much ewuipment, do I? I really just want internet / pandora, etc. radio, ability to play CD's and a record player. The speakers I can live with for now.
I'm rather embarrassed to post this but right now I have a very old Technics SLPD888 CD player, SAEX110 Receiver, and a RSTR373 dual tape deck with 2 Bose 301 series 4 Direct / Reflecting Speakers in a 700 sq ft. apartment. I'd really like to upgrade to the 21st century and be able to play pandora, apple music, spotify, internet, etc. stations, and need to get a record player and play CD's / MP3s. Any suggestions of what to upgrade to? I'm loathe to sell what I have as...
Could be.Where do you spray it?I usually spray it on my wrists and that's where it seems to disappear quickly - I assume due to sweat / shirt sleeves.
Did anyone else notice that Terre d'Hermes disappears quite quickly after putting it on? I don't think I could find EDP so I might have the EDT and maybe that's why. Or, perhaps the sprays disappear more quickly than just putting it on one's skin? When I would just pour a small sample on my skin it seemed to last all day. Do people generally use the sprays?
I liked M7. I bought a sample and wore it for a couple of days and I liked it but it didn't make it to my favorites. Still good stuff, though.It figures that this is one of my favorites as it's so expensive!Just ordered a split of Cedrat Boise from there... I'll definitely check there more often.
Thanks I get up to NYC once in a while. I just found MiN online last night and it looks like a pretty cool place.
Thanks. I frequent there but I've never done this. Is it worthwhile / good to use?
Sounds like the hair industry (regarding hair products).
I can't get this song out of my head...
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