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Are they comfortable also?
I was looking at another pair of AE's but they have the dianite soles. Any comments on those? They don't look so durable or comfy. What about the cronmoks / neumoks also? The leather is so soft but are they worth the money?
I hate to say it but I agree about the high rise pants. The first two pics look a little uncomfortable.
Just do something that you enjoy. Fun and enjoyment are great motivators.
What exactly is the watch supposed to do? I thought they had pretty limited capability and you needed to be near your phone.
Yeah. I had to restart in safe mode to finish the update and then restart a couple of times to get it to work.
Wow. Great stuff!
I never realized this was a cover by Soft Cell.I just can't get into Bjork. I really loved the Sugercubes and some of her early stuff but after that she lost me.
Put some product in it and use some heat. Hold the hair up / use a round brush / regular brush while drying it will help give the hair more fullness.
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