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You are right. I am indeed taking advantage of the market needs. I know some people have strong opinion on people flipping things as an investment(houses included)
Thank you. I honestly doubt that they will sell. Just wanted to set the price high to attract some views in a good way. But it seems like some people are hating it.
Thank you for pointing out the error on my listing. I will correct the word "shape". As for the pictures, I tried to take plenty of pictures to show the condition of the shoes . If you have doubt, ask for more pictures or not to bid on the auction.
Ha yea. This is my auction. Seeing some recent auctions on eBay got me thinking that i could set the starting bid higher to see how it goes.
Thank you sir!Hi Mike, Here are the numbers 1K19 017. Thanks!Thanks!
Thanks!Thanks! Thats just the angle of the picture. I cant find any defect on them yet.
Just got this cigar 2142 from TSM list.They look like a dark whiskey or light ravello. Any idea on who made them?  
Any idea on which retailer made these? TSM listed them as cigar shell
Anyone have a picture of the Alden 2142?
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