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Yep. The gold standard is the MPA (Master in Public Administration).
I'm sorry to hear about your micropenis.
I'm not trying to humblebrag here but I am at least as competent and in some ways better than my colleagues with graduate degrees. A lot of them are total morons who came straight out of 6+ years of academia and don't know how to have a conversation or write a memo. Guessing you have experienced the same thing.
I see your point but what about when the employer is the one pushing you to do the grad. degree, and many senior folks have nothing beyond a bachelor's and honed their skills on-the-job? That's the situation I'm in. I would like to get a grad. degree eventually, but I'm not going to be rushed by an employer when I really don't need to be.
Yep. I did get a full ride at Princeton Law, though.
My problem is that they put the tuition reimbursement program on indefinite hold during the recession. Several higher-ups are lobbying to bring it back, so I am hopeful, but I just can't fund this on my own while paying down undergrad loans at the same time.
I started grad school this semester and paid for the first class. My employer has been hemming and hawing about reinstating the tuition reimbursement program. Told them I ain't funding this whole degree myself!
They should be thanking you for seeing to their well-being.
People who don't listen to Steely Dan have no class or taste.
Worst episode this season.
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